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Seeding Wisdom 2024 - for mothers & daughters (8-12)

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Welcome to Seeding Wisdom, a year-long journey designed exclusively for mothers who are looking to embark on a transformative path alongside their daughters, aged 8-12. Our program is thoughtfully crafted to empower you and your daughter while fostering a deeper connection within your relationship.

Do you wish to

  • Build a foundation of trust that will allow open and honest communication between you and your daughter?
  • Foster a sense of security and support for your daughter as she navigates the challenges of puberty?
  • Help your daughter develop a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth?
  • Create meaningful memories and shared experiences that strengthen your mother-daughter connection?
  • Empower your daughter to embrace her journey into womanhood with confidence and resilience?

Seeding Wisdom offers a unique and enriching experience through:

Cultivating Personal Growth: Seeding Wisdom focuses on nurturing the seeds of positive personal growth within both you and your daughter. This program will help you both blossom into your fullest potential.

Connecting with Nature: In our gatherings, we work with the Land where we meet, building a relationship with nature, teaching you and your child to cherish and understand the profound connection between nature and personal growth.

Honoring Mother-Daughter Bonds: We celebrate the unique bond between mothers and daughters and guide you in deepening this relationship, creating a strong foundation for your daughter’s puberty journey.

Emotional Intelligence: Seeding Wisdom places a strong emphasis on fostering emotional intelligence in both you and your daughter, helping you navigate the complexities of emotions with grace and wisdom.

Creative Expression: Through various creative activities such as art therapy, weaving, collage, and more, you and your daughter will have the opportunity to express yourselves in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Authentic Relating: Our program encourages authentic relating within your community. You will learn how to listen with compassion, hold personal stories in confidence, and take self-responsibility, strengthening your connection with your daughter and others.

Body Wisdom and Intelligence: We empower you to grow in body wisdom, helping you and your daughter develop a deeper understanding of your bodies and how to care for them.

Our year-long journey aligns with the natural rhythms and cycles, such as the seasonal calendar, menstrual cycles, moon phases, sabbaths, circadian rhythms, and the Native American medicine wheel. By participating in this program, you'll gain an experiential understanding of how these rhythms live within you and learn to bring more harmony and flow into your lives by aligning with them.

At a Seeding Wisdom workshop, you'll experience:

The Circle Way: This primal approach encourages you to gather in a circle with community, sharing stories and teachings. Through this, you'll learn valuable life skills like compassionate listening, maintaining confidence, taking self-responsibility, and offering support.

Movement and Stillness: We'll introduce simple and enjoyable ways to move your bodies and, equally important, embrace moments of stillness. You'll learn to honor the natural rhythms and the ebb and flow of life.

Sacred Crafting: Each session incorporates art therapy, which includes ancient practices such as weaving, clay work, doll making, and drawing. These activities have been cherished by women for millennia.

Storytelling: We continue the age-old tradition of storytelling, using it as a powerful tool for teaching and gaining insight.

Guided Meditations: Our guided meditations activate imaginal states of being, allowing you and your daughter to explore new realms through meditation and journey work.

Join us in this transformative journey as we help you and your daughter flourish together. Seeding Wisdom is not just a program; it's a path to a deeper connection with your child and a richer understanding of yourself. Embrace the wisdom that comes from within and let it flourish throughout this remarkable year.


OPEN DAY SUNDAY 4 FEB 2024 10:30am - 1pm

Register your FREE ticket in the ticketing options and select the date Sunday 4 Feb.

How can we know ourselves more deeply by tuning in to nature's cycles? This teaching circle explores the wisdom of the cycles.

We can observe the cyclic pattern of birth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death, rebirth, growth, full bloom and so on as it happens all around us, as within so without.  Together we will create an invaluable map. This map helps remind us how the Earth's seasons, our life seasons, the lunar cycle and menstrual cycle and Medicine Wheel are all inter-connected.

This map can teach us to:
* Notice the connection between where we are in our menstrual cycle, our energy levels, emotions arising and our state of mind.
* Simply be with what is happening, and go with the flow, not against it.
* Get creative in how we use our time and energy.
* Celebrate all aspects of ourselves coming into wholeness.

SUNDAY 11 FEB 10am-4pm we celebrate LAMMAS 

Creating Circles of Support

Research has shown that having a strong support system has many positive benefits, such as higher levels of well-being, better coping skills, and can often help reduce stress.

This workshop explores how we support ourselves and each other, how we experience nature as a healing modality and how to find your personal healing symbol that can be a touchstone for your own support.

SUNDAY 24 MAR 10am-4pm we celebrate MABON (AUTUMN EQUINOX)

Sensing our Intuitive Body

Exploring our intuitive body, we discuss how to sense it somatically, how to initiate its growth and understand what happens when we are not guided versus when we listen to our intuitive self.

SUNDAY 5 MAY 10am-4pm we celebrate SAMHAIN

Ancestral Wisdom Healing

Samhain is a time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and it is here that we look to the wisdom of our ancestors. We have an opportunity to understand more deeply the ancestral world, connect with our personal lineages and honour them in a beautiful ancient practice.

SUNDAY 16 JUN 10am-4pm we celebrate YULE (WINTER SOLSTICE)

Body Wisdom & Self Care

The changes in our body from puberty, motherhood and menopause require different care at different times, through positive body literacy we invite the wisdom of the circle to share insights and methods for their personal care. We explore practices involving breath and body movement. Each mother and daughter spend special one on one time together in a luscious body care ritual.

SUNDAY 4 AUG 10am-4pm we celebrate IMBOLC

Birth Imprints & New Beginnings

This workshop offers an opportunity to create a value-based practice of setting ‘Intention’ where we discern what seeds we would like to nourish for the wellbeing of our mind, body and spirit.

Through the power of narrative, we will share our birth and creativity stories, honouring the blood mystery of birth and new life in a wholehearted and safe way.

SUNDAY 29 SEPT 10am-4pm we celebrate OSTARA (SPRING EQUINOX)

Menstruation & Puberty
Do you remember having the 'coming of age' talk with your mum/carer?
This workshop offers a safe place to come together and explore the ‘rites of menstruation’. We will learn about the rhythm of the menstrual cycle and how we are deeply connected to the cycles in Nature.

Mums will learn ways to support and affirm this transitional time for their daughters. Girls will be supported to create an empowering connection with their changing bodies. This can initiate a positive, loving relationship with the changes they experience through puberty.

SUNDAY 3 NOV 10am-4pm we celebrate BELTANE

Healthy Communication

Contemporary girl psychology can view other girls and women as competition. We explore how to build healthy, resilient relationships and grow strong friendships where other females are seen as supportive. This requires developing sound communication skills. This workshop introduces the practise of non-violent communication, conflict resolution and boundaries in a non-threatening, fun way.

SUNDAY 8 DEC 10am-4pm we celebrate LITHA (SUMMER SOLSTICE)

Honouring Ceremony & Celebration

Our year long journey closes with a “Day of Celebration” acknowledging our daughters and their journey of becoming. We create a ceremony to honour each Maiden in the Seeding Wisdom program. We walk the labyrinth on the land, inviting insight, balance, and harmony.

About Jo:

Jo has training as an art therapist and transpersonal counsellor. She has facilitated group workshops for adults and children for over 20 years and utilises creative techniques to enhance the therapeutic relationship.

Jo lives on the South Coast of New South Wales and has found the natural world to be her greatest friend and teacher. As a young girl she had a special connection to nature and to the land and spent hours "just being" in the natural environment. This love of the natural world deepened as an adult and she discovered as a therapist the value of working restoratively with the land and with earth-based practises.

Through Jo's involvement with ‘Rites of Passage’ work she has found a special joy guiding individuals and groups as they move through life’s transitions and assisting them to find their full potential and true essence. Jo has come to believe that when someone has a need to understand themselves at a deeper level, they can achieve this through a weaving of the arts such as body movement, stories, archetypes, writing, collage and with earth-base medicine. In this way a person's psyche strengthens and resolves and reflects back inner wisdom, guidance and healing.

Dip SocSc, Advanced Dip Transpersonal Counselling and Advanced Diploma Art Therapy, Cert Movement Based Therapy, Cert IV Train the Trainer, Cert Group Leadership Skills (educator, facilitator and author of Eco OOSH in action: a whole-of-centre approach to sustainable living.

About Arahni:

Arahni walks her own shamanic path of healing and transformation and serves to re-awaken the innate healing wisdom and soul nature within others. 

For 20 years Arahni worked in trauma responsive family support services, safe refuges, and schools.  She supported young people and women and children in therapeutic work.  She designed and facilitate peer prevention programs in sexual assault, domestic violence, alcohol and other drugs and sexual health.

For the last decade, Arahni studied intensively with School of Shamanic Womancraft, a Women's Mysteries school, and is a graduate teacher of the Four Seasons Journey, guide on the Earth Woman online course and facilitator of Becoming A Woman workshops for mothers & daughters.

Practicing the healing arts of holistic counselling, shamanic womancrafting, intuitive body work and compassionate enquiry, she works alongside those who seek guidance to re-orient themselves through life's challenges, transformations and transmutations, from the altar of birth to the final rite of death.

Arahni offers positive menstrual education, 1:1 private healing sessions, reclaiming ceremonies, healing rituals, sacred circles and coming of age year-long journeys for mothers & daughters in her community and beyond.

rahni lives on the lands of the Wodi Wodi people of the Dharawal Nation and acknowledges that sovereignty has never been ceded.


Reach out if you have any questions via email. Please share this work if you feel another mum and her daughter would benefit from coming along.

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