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Shadowdance Meditation

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Shift shadows into support systems because you're tired of self-sabotage. Yes, it's possible!

Leaning into your meaningful growth edges can be as easy as dancing and self reflection with the Shadowdance Method.

In this group event, come witness and be witnessed. Come move and be moved. Our words create the magic we all need to hear.


Shadowdance Meditation-

  • Gently accesses obstructing shadows like fear, doubt, helplessness and overwhelm.
  • Shifts the role of lead caretaker back to you.
  • Clarifies how your relationship with each shadow has evolved you uniquely throughout your life.
  • Alchemizes any wisdom to be gained.
  • Completes each shadow's mission and narrative, giving you back control of your future story. 


  • Grounding, Intentions & Introductions- Everyone has an opportunity to be heard. (15-25 minutes)
  • Introduction to the Shadowdance Method- General how-to.
  • Shadowdance Meditation (30 minute process)
  •  Community Reflections- Everyone has an opportunity to be heard. (10-20 minutes)


Q: How do I prepare?
A: Make sure you create a quiet space and time where you will not be disturbed. You will need something to record your free flow thoughts on. I highly recommend a journal but some people do better with a hand held audio recorder to speak their thoughts out loud (with mic on mute of course.) The Zoom room opens approximately 10 minutes before the event starts for those that wish to ground into the space.

Q: Can I tune in on my phone? 
A:I would only recommend using the phone option for zoom if you've done the Shadowdance Meditation process several times. We use a gallery view to witness and be witnessed as well as the chat box for a portion of the process when screen sharing isn't an option.

Q: How much dancing is involved?
A: We practice connecting to ourselves somatically for unconscious knowledge, but much of it can be done internally if that is your comfort level. Dancing can be interpreted as the movements we make in the engagements with our desires and challenges.

Q: Do I need to have my Zoom camera on?
A: We require that you turn your camera on, at minimum, during the introductions while you and everyone present shares. This creates a higher sense of safety in the community environment. If that is not possible, newcomers make be asked to excuse themselves from that particular night and come back when they can be more present.  

Q: Where can I learn how to use Zoom?
A: Here is Zoom's 3:30 minute video on how to get up and going with getting into your Zoom meeting. You will want to make sure everything is ready for you ahead of time to keep from feeling possible overwhelm before we start. As soon as we go into the introduction portion (at about 5 minutes from the start time,) the digital doors are closed and late comers will not be allowed to enter. This is for group safety reasons. 

Q: Can I email you other questions?
A: Absolutely! Simply click on my bio and follow the connection links there. I tend to get back to questions within 24 hours.

What people are saying:

“Working with the Shadowdance was one of the most beautiful ways to be in relationship with my shadows and release the struggle they bring. It was so powerful to release and find the gift not only in my own shares, but in the shares that each of us spoke. Finding the common thread among each of us reminded me we are never alone, always supported, and we can always find the common thread in our human experiences.” — Kaitlin Raine

“I am grateful for this format because I absolutely had this feeling of like ‘I’m tired. I thought this was going to be movement based. I’m not trying to do shadow work right now.’

And I was like ‘really Sophia?’

This format was so nourishing! The simplicity of it. The solidarity. The empathy. The share-the-load of group work. The being seen, you know like being connected. It feels really efficient. It’s like a gentle cycle. It was well matched for my energy level right now. This was a more comfortable space for me than I was afraid it would be.” — Sophia Hoffer-Perkins 

“What I experienced tonight that I wish everybody could experience is that opening of possibility to retrieve innocence when dancing with shadow.

I think the lessons that people can gain from this is that their personal experience is transpersonal so whatever happens to them, like what happens to me is also happening to someone else, so we are not alone. That fear, that anxiety, that tightness is both unique and shared and it can be moved and loved in a group better than alone.

​I am taking with me that I can befriend my fear and thank my shadows once I’ve danced with them.” — Emilia Louisa Pucci

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