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    Demystifying Tantra - by Sri Guru Labdhawara Kusuma

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    Please read until the end before booking 🙏🏼

    Would you like to understand what Tantra actually is, where it comes from and what its real purpose and benefits are? Join us for a 2 hour online class by spiritual master Sri Guru Labdhawara Kusuma, delivered live from Bali. 

    Minimum donation is $10 (plus booking fees).


    This is an informative and practical session (attendance is by donation), where Sri Guru Labdhawara Kusuma will share deep insights about the original Shivaism Tantra tradition and its practices. A tradition that emphasises the use of mantras, breathing techniques, mudras, and visualisation to achieve spiritual union with Divine. He will also offer a Water Purification Ceremony and Blessing to all attendees.

    The session will be centred on human suffering, the nature of the mind, the ego and the soul and how we can live a more spiritual life. 


    The session will be hosted by Mindfulness Coach Cristian Trujillo, who is a regular student of Sri Guru Labdhawara Kusuma. Cristian also runs a weekly private Tantra study group in Australia that’s supervised by Sri Guru Labdhawara Kusuma who leads the group once a month.

    Donations will be used to cover marketing and advertising expenses of this event and to contribute with the construction of the Ashram in Bali.

    During the 2 hours Sri Guru Labdhawara Kusuma will cover the following:

    Human Suffering:

    • Why we suffer and struggle (The nature of the mind)
    • Ego driven by the Mind vs Ego driven by the Soul
    • How to live a more spiritual life

    What is Tantra?

    • Where it comes from
    • What is its purpose and benefits
    • How it’s taught and the importance of its secrecy and confidentiality

    What isn’t Tantra?

    • Current misunderstandings
    • Malpractices
    • Black Tantra

    What’s the Tantra Sri Guru Labdhawara Kusuma practices and teaches:

    • Where it comes from (lineage)
    • Benefits of it
    • How to work with him

    Chanting, prayer, water purification ceremony and blessing:

    • Guru will offer a prayer
    • We will chant together
    • Water purification ceremony
    • Guru to share a blessing to all the attendees.


    • If possible only eat a vegetarian diet the last 24 hours before the session
    • On Wednesday stop consuming food from 2pm (Water and herbal tea are ok)
    • During the session sit on the floor on a Yoga mat (ideally) or in chair with straight spine
    • Wear white clothes if possible
    • Be in a quiet space that facilitates a spiritual practice, a place where you won’t be interrupted.
    • Please light a candle before and during the session
    • If available, have a red rose placed next to the candle.


    • Have a small bowl with water
    • Have a small bowl with rice (a spoon is enough) - Poor a few drops of water on the rice, so it can stick on your forehead in the third eye).
    • Have a good size flower to spray the water on your head and to drink from


    • Zoom link will be delivered on the day of the class
    • Test the zoom link in advance, be online at least 15 minutes earlier (PLEASE DON'T BE LATE 🙏🏼).
    • For a better experience we recommend you use your computer
    • Check your camera is on and your speaker and microphone are working
    • Check your Zoom software in advance and install any require updates
    • Please find a quiet and comfortable place, away from distractions


    Sri Labdhawara Kusuma

    Sri Labdhawara Kusuma.

    Also known as Sri Guru among most Indonesian Ashram teachers, he is an international spiritual master, a Prime Guru and Chairman of the Indonesia Ashram Association who is responsible for more than 200 Ashrams across Indonesia. He is also a well known healer and yoga teacher, founder of Shanti Wijaya International Jnana Buda Siwa Study Group, formerly Divine Light International Study Group that spans across USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries. During his time as a Spiritual Master he has given guidance and care to a wide range of people from villagers in his local rural community to University Professors, Company CEO’s, Healers, Yoga teachers and international celebrities.

    • Lineage: Sri Jaya Nara param para
    • Years of Practice: 26 years
    • His Spiritual Master: Sri Guru Jaya Nara

    Cristian Trujillo

    Cristian is a mindfulness coach and business mentor, he uses traditional practices, yoga, coaching methods, healing techniques and business experience to help people move forward in their lives or businesses. In his work as a facilitator he brings together his experience as a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer, Pranayama Teacher, Breathwork facilitator and Certified Coach. He also incorporates the principles he has practised as an Engineer, Videographer, Entrepreneur, Lecturer and Business Mentor.

    Cristian has a heart centred and gentle approach and is passionate about sharing the ancient traditional practices and philosophy from yoga. He believes that healing doesn't have to be painful and that it is important to have an integral approach and address the needs of the body, the mind, the heart and the soul.

    Cristian is based in the Sunshine Coast and is the founder of Yandina Yoga and Breathwork, where he shares the practices of Yoga and Breathwork with people who would like to get started in these practices. Cristian runs workshops, retreats, one on one coaching and mentoring and speaking engagements across Australia and Overseas.

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