Event: St Mary's Cathedral 2023 Concert Series

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Alexander Rodrigues

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Travel instructions

St Mary's Cathedral is located on the outskirts of the city centre towards West Hobart. It is around a twelve-minute walk from the Elizabeth Street Mall or a five-minute walk from Bus Stop 3, No.180 Elizabeth St. Parking is available in the Cathedral Carpark (off Patrick Street), as well as on Patrick Street and Harrington Streets. As the Cathedral Carpark has limited spaces, we strongly suggest that the carpark be kept for the elderly and those with accessibility requirements.

Entry instructions

Entry is via the Harrington Street entrance (towards the left-hand side when facing the Cathedral from the car park) If accessible entry is required due to the steps at the Harrington Street entrance, please inform a ticket person (just inside the Harrington Street Entrance) and they will assist you through the level access entry point through the Cathedral Centre.

After entry instructions

Head into the Cathedral


Steps at the Harrington Street Entrance.

Toilet location

Toilets can be located in the Cathedral Centre.

Accessible parking

Two accessible parking spaces are available in the Cathedral Carpark off Patrick Street.