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    Somatic inner Child Therapy Training

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    Join us for a transformative Somatic Inner Child Therapy Training, running from Monday May 13rd to 16th Friday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM AEST.

    This comprehensive training delves deep into the realm of inner child healing, offering participants a structured outline for guiding clients through the process of healing their inner child. Throughout the sessions, we will explore the profound significance of childhood events in shaping clients' present experiences, emphasizing the practice of empathetic and compassionate listening as foundational tools for effective therapy.

    Participants will learn how to uncover and understand their clients' inner child through a detailed exploration of their childhood history. Through a variety of inner child meditations, including five distinct types, therapists will gain practical experience in facilitating encounters between clients and their inner child, fostering healing and growth.

    Additionally, this training will demonstrate the integration of Somatic Therapy and Inner Child Therapy, providing therapists with valuable insights and techniques for addressing childhood trauma, relationship separation, addictions, insecure attachment, and more. Participants will learn how to create a safe therapeutic space conducive to healing and guide clients in accessing their heart and soul's intelligence, facilitating profound transformation and holistic well-being.

    Who this training is suitable for:

    This training is suitable for anyone with an interest in enhancing their therapeutic skills and supporting clients in healing their inner child and overcoming childhood trauma.

    1. Psychotherapists: Therapists looking to deepen their understanding and skills in inner child therapy and somatic approaches.
    2. Counselors: Counselors seeking additional techniques and strategies for working with clients dealing with childhood trauma, relationship issues, or addiction.
    3. Social Workers: Social workers interested in incorporating somatic and inner child therapy into their practice to better serve their clients.
    4. Psychologists: Psychologists wanting to expand their therapeutic toolkit with practical techniques for addressing childhood trauma and attachment issues.
    5. Mental Health Professionals: Professionals working in mental health settings who wish to enhance their ability to create a safe therapeutic space for clients.
    6. Holistic Practitioners: Holistic therapists and practitioners interested in integrating somatic and inner child therapy into their holistic healing modalities.
    7. Life Coaches: Life coaches looking to deepen their understanding of underlying issues and trauma patterns that may be affecting their clients' lives.
    8. Teachers and Educators: Educators seeking to understand childhood development and trauma to better support students in educational settings.
    9. Healthcare Providers: Healthcare professionals, such as nurses or doctors, interested in learning therapeutic techniques to address psychological issues in their patients.
    10. Students in Mental Health Fields: Students studying psychology, counseling, social work, or related fields who want to gain practical skills in somatic and inner child therapy.

    During this training, we will cover:

    • Structure Outline: Gain insights into a structured approach for healing the inner child.
    • Understanding Childhood Events: Learn to recognize the significance of clients' childhood experiences through empathetic and compassionate listening.
    • Exploring Childhood History: Discover techniques to understand your client's inner child by exploring their childhood history.
    • Inner Child Meditations: Practice facilitating inner child meditations, including over five types, to help clients meet and heal their inner child.
    • Integration with Somatic Therapy: Learn how to effectively combine Somatic Therapy with Inner Child Therapy for comprehensive healing.
    • Treating Various Issues: Address topics such as childhood trauma, relationship separation, addictions, and insecure attachment.
    • Creating a Safe Space: Understand how to create a safe therapeutic environment conducive to healing.
    • Accessing Heart and Soul: Explore methods to help clients access their heart and soul's intelligence for deeper healing.



    Don't miss this opportunity to expand your therapeutic toolkit and deepen your understanding of inner child healing. Join us for four evenings of profound learning and skill development in the field of Somatic Inner Child Therapy.

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