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Soul Ascension

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Keen to shake up some energy up? Ready to transform your funk into freedom?

This is for you!

Cosmic Breathwork Goddess, Megan Yule and Shamanic Energy Goddess, Hayley Dart join forces to bring you a night of epic proportions! 

These evenings are all about coming together to transform. 

To shed the layers of constriction and reach into the abyss of freedom. 

To call forward your magnificence and expand your soul, your energy, your magnetic force.

Always there. Always waiting.

No matter where you’re at, this night will support you in your evolution as a soulful, divine, epic, spiritual human. Supporting you in making the changes, reaching the goals, breaking patterns, calling in your desires and owning your amazing self!

Diving into and weaving a mixture of practices that will melt away limitations, heaviness, stuck, stagnate energy like water and pump up the volume on your soul, frequency and magic!

These nights are all about raising vibrations with joy, fun and the power we have in our hands.

Some of what we will dive into:

·    Breathwork

·    Energy Healing

·    Channeled Soul Guidance

·    Light Language activations

·    Journey Meditations 

Shift your mindset, manifest your truest desires, get crystal clear on what’s coming up for you, create space, ease the worry mind, fine tune your clarity lens, activate your energy center's and get a hold of some sweet spiritual guidance.

Connect with source, self and alignment!

This your time -this is your life - come live it up with us!


"I recently had amazing experience in the Soul Ascension workshop held by Megan and Hayley. Together they held a container of unconditional love which allowed me to use breath to journey deep into myself. I had a strong experience with my intuition and saw large amounts of money flowing continuously to me. This was profound as money has previously been a problem area for me. I believe everyone can benefit from breath and energy work and would not hesitate to recommend this workshop"

- Nikki -   

' The experience was profound as I delved deep into my subconscious, accessing intense memories from my childhood that had long been buried. I was astonished to discover these hidden emotions, which I never knew existed. Through the guidance of Megan and Hayley, I was able to confront my grief from a different perspective, bringing me closer to healing and acceptance. The energy in the room was truly remarkable, and I could feel the presence of something beyond ourselves - it was like being surrounded by angels. The woman attracted like minded souls to the session resulting in a night filled with an overwhelming sense of love and connection. Overall the breathwork night was a life-changing experience. Their genuine compassion and trust created a safe space where I felt held and supported throughout my emotional journey. I would highly recommend this session to anyone seeking profound healing, self- discovery, and a night filled with love and connection'

- Jess- 

' The best 🤍You guys are amazing, thanks for another spiritual awakening, feeling so supported' 

- Melanie - 

   'The group session with Hayley and Megs was powerful. Even though I went alone, I immediately felt safe and at home as they are both so inviting and open hearted. They hold a sacred space and remind you of your power to heal and connect to spirit. There is no ego from these two, just loving light energy, and you can feel the high vibes in the space, I felt calm, held and open to heal and receive. At the end of the night I had tears of gratitude as I was filled with the energy of love, and self love, and gratitude for my journey and accepting all of me, a deep sense of calm'

- Jessica J -

'Hayley and Megan’s workshops provide such a beautiful, safe and deeply soul nurturing haven for all our healing journeys together. They are filled with love and light and are so very unique in combining the powerful duo of breathwork with energy healing. I feel so blessed to have found them in their magical space' 

- Diane - 

'Thank you for such an amazing, uplifting experience at Soul Ascension.  The beautiful, loving energy that Hayley and Megan provide during this breathwork session, makes it very easy to relax and trust in this warm, comfortable space and it's so nice to share the experience with other like minded people who are all there to heal in their own way'

- Steph -

About Your Guides 

Hayley Dart is an earthly guide for those seeking peace, awakening, love and deep connection in this life. She moves between both the spirit realms and the very human world to bring great healing, enlightenment, and deep transformation for others. Using her gifts in mediumship, energy activation & healing, mystism, clairvoyance, light language and trance channeling, Hayley empowers others in making changes in their lives, healing from pain and trauma, breaking through limitations, attaining their truest desires, connecting with purpose & passion, deepening relationships, coming into peace, diving into the depths or self love and awakening to the absolute magic of life. Expanding the heart and soul.  Hayley is very experienced and will hold you with the upmost confidence, trust, honor, and grace. She has worn several hats in this life, as many of us do, and has extensive experience in community development, arts and cultural development as well as the healing and creative arts. A born seer, a Mother, a daughter, a sister, Hayley is living the very embodiment of her light and soul. Leading the way everyday through the beauty and mess for those who choose to walk with her. 

Megan Yule is a trauma informed breathwork facilitator, reiki practitioner, energy healer, clairsentient and intuitive. She is cosmically connected to the universe through her soul's effortless intuitive gifts she's brought into this life. It is not only her soul's chosen path, but her passion to guide others to awakening in this life. To finding deeper meaning for their life path than what society and the patriarchy has taught. To find the beauty in the challenges, to discover radical self love and acceptance from within, to discover who your soul really is, while releasing outdated stories, outside energies, patterns and ancestral traumas that are not serving their highest good. Through the power of the breath combined with energy healing, Megan will guide you into a non ordinary state of consciousness taking us out of the thinking mind and into the subconscious. It is here we are able to process, feel, understand and eventually close and release the trauma loops that keep us trapped in our minds. You will be held with unconditional love and zero judgment in Megan's presence


Breathwork is not recommended for people with a personal or family history of epilepsy, seizures, cardiovascular problems including angina or heart attacks, high blood pressure, aneurysms, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, or recent physical injuries, surgery or illness - particularly involving the brain, mouth, teeth, nose, throat, thyroid, immune system, lymphatic system, lungs, chest, ribs, spine, neck and/or reproductive organs. Activation breathwork is not recommended for pregnant woman.

Breathwork is not recommended for people with a personal history of mental illness, personality disorders, hospitalization for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis, suicidality, psychosis, drug or alcohol addiction.

Possible side effects may include dizziness, fainting, changes in body temperature, disorientation, tingling, carpopedal spasms, cramping, emotional breakthroughs, feeling physical, mental, energetic and/or emotional triggering and/or vulnerability.

Safety waiver signed and returned prior to breathwork journey. 

Reach out to Hayley or Megan if you have any questions or queries 

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