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    Sound Bath with Light Language Transmissions - June

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    Experience 3 Powerful Modalities in this Sound Bath
    Crystal Singing Bowls, Light Language & Tesla Waves

    Join us for an exquisite journey of receiving energy through three powerful modalities: Crystal Singing Bowls, Light Language, and Tesla Waves. At the end of your workweek, surrender to the captivating sounds of Light Language, Gong, and the ethereal Crystal Singing Bowls.

    Experience the Transformation:
    Becky, a Channeler & Healer, will lead you through a soulful sound bath infused with vocal Light Language transmissions. These transmissions elevate your frequency and facilitate cellular-level healing. Light Codes, expressed through sound, symbols, or movement, communicate on a multidimensional level, reaching your heart, soul, and light body. While consciously incomprehensible, they resonate familiarly at a soul level, bringing healing, DNA activation, and the awakening of dormant gifts.

    Journey of Inner Peace:
    In this one-hour session, immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds and embark on a journey of inner peace — a voyage many have described as transcending earthly realms. The sound vibrations induce a deep meditative state, detoxifying your energy field and harmonising your physical body. Sensations of energy buzzing through your chakras signify the clearing of emotional blockages from your body and energy field.

    Mind, Body, and Soul Benefits:
    Explore the myriad benefits of Sound Therapy, ranging from stress reduction, mental clarity, and improved sleep to lowered blood pressure, immune system stimulation, pain relief, and emotional clarity. On a soul level, experience Pineal Gland activation, removal of toxins and blockages from the energy field, chakra cleansing and balancing, DNA activation, altered consciousness, and spiritual connection.

    Becky's Intuitive Touch:
    Becky infuses her Quantum Coaching and Multidimensional Healing energy into the singing bowls, intuitively reading the room's energy. This elevates the benefits, allowing bathers to physically feel the energy and elevate their consciousness.

    “My very first experience of Sound bath and light language with Becky was "out of this world". Amazing feeling that is very hard to put into words. You need to experience it yourself. But it was so relaxing, so comforting. I also had a Great insight after the session. I'm very grateful for this experience and I would love to enjoy it again and I will” - AE

    In Preparation:

    △ For optimum results ensure you are well hydrated throughout the day of the session as water helps the healing sound vibrations carry through your body, improving your experience. Bring water with you.
    △ Wear comfortable clothing that won't dig in or restrict you when laying down.
    △ An empty stomach or a light bite is recommended.
    △ Bring an intention for yourself (goal, wish, affirmation) - sound amplifies and manifests our intentions.
    △ Mats, blankets & pillows provided, or bring your own.
    △ Bring water.

    Cost: $30

    Location: 52 Carnation Street, Wynnum

    Time: 7pm until 8pm

    Friday 16 February
    Friday 15 March
    Friday 19 April
    Friday 17 May
    Friday 21 June

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