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We can create any reality when accessing the Quantum field. It is the energetic field that surrounds us all where there is o time, no space and no body. Just consciousness.

When we learn how to access this field, we can create absolutely any reality we can possibly imagine. We can heal every cell in our body. We can shift any limiting belief. And most of all, we can access the divine limitlessly.

Inspired by Dr Joe Dispenza, I have been personally doing his healing work on and off over the years. He teaches that when we access the quantum field we have endless possibilities. But if we don't access it, then we will never know what could have been.

Using Dr Joe's meditations a few years back, I healed myself. A Liver specialised told me he wanted to remove my gallbladder and a 3rd of my liver. I said thank you for that information, leave it with me. After becoming clear on my intentions and accessing the Quantum field, I healed all the dis-ease in my body (along with some lifestyle changes and mind set altering of course).

*NB This is my personal story and we are all very different. I am not making any claims that this will be the same for you.

So, if we have access to such a magical field and we can do this work knowingly in the Energy Enhancement System.... wouldn't that be bloody awesome?!

I have been teaching Spirit Connection in the EES for a while now. It is a room that omits the healing frequency of light! In this particular course I have created, we not only tap into the quantum field intentionally, at the same time our cells are saturated with the light frequency.

Don't get me wrong, this healing journey is not for the faint hearted as you may need to go deep within to find and let go of your 'old self' in order for you to recreate! You ready?

This 4 session course will include the following:

*An intimate group of like minded souls

*Meditations and guidance to access the field

*Group connection

*Regular homework to enhance your connection with the field

Who is this course for:

Anyone who is ready and committed to open their mind, heart and soul to the possibility of healing and creating their new self & ready to start the journey to rid themselves of physical pain, dis-ease, anxieties, old bad habits and addictive, self-destructive/sabotaging behaviours.

I regularly do these meditations and I have also sat in a room of 4000 other people doing these meditations forgetting that there was anyone else in the room. We are all divinely connected and we are all one.

More about the EES:

Have you heard of the EES-Energy Enhancement System? These rooms are opening up slowly around the world and have been giving people energy healing at a cellular level which enhances our quality of life, mind, body and soul.


The spacious Energy Room features special computers programmed and calibrated By Dr Sandra and her team to generate bioactive life-enhancing fields including scalar energy and bio-photonic light designed to not only help usher you into a deep state of relaxation, but to also re-charge your cellular “batteries”. As the body cells age they decrease in voltage, causing a decreased ability to recuperate, according to Dr Sandra’s research. Scalar energy recharges the cells. All this is backed by ongoing quantifiable research and evidenced based studies.

The Energy Room is set up with 24 computer screens which are carefully aligned to create a zero-point energy field environment. In this frequency, meditation, manifestation and connection becomes more powerful than ever for me. So it is time, that I share this space with you too.

more info on EES, go to:

Starting Monday July 22nd


DM for further details and booking form.

or call Connie Rose direct on 0497 45 85 95

Week 1: July 22

Week 2: Aug 26th

Week 3: Sept 2

Week 4: Sept 16

Investment: 8 hours of classes in total: $444

(valued at $400 for the EES alone!)

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Deposit required upon booking of 20% non-refundable.

No refunds within 7 days of course date.

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