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STARTUP IDEAS WORKSHOP | Wednesday 16th June 2021

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Wednesday 16th June 2021 | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Find the ultimate startup idea or validate one.

So you've either been sitting on a great startup idea for a while or you're still searching!!! Either way, you're in the right place.

Ever notice that the really true great ideas aren't that great at all? They're often simple and always personally important to the person themselves. That's what keeps the idea going, keeps that person interested and keeps getting them up each morning to following through.

That's also where you'll find purpose, fulfilment and satisfaction.

This is a hands-on and definitely life-changing workshop designed to determine what's important and valuable to YOU as a person and then to find the RIGHT startup idea that's personal, profitable and in alignment with who you are and your values!!! Then we'll expand on it, build a vision and identify the "experiences" you need to move forward with clarity and certainty.

And there's a bigger picture...

Gold Coast Innovation Hub and Design Moshpit have partnered to put together a 12-month program of workshops to create your Startup Model Canvas. The entire program is about putting aside an hour or two a week to work on developing your idea. Something someday you can earn money from.

But first, the idea. 

This workshop is a 7-step process to generate and validate a startup idea that's right for you! 

What is a great startup idea?

An idea that excites you! 

​If you already have an idea, let's validate it.

Don't waste time starting an idea you later find you don't enjoy. If it's NOT important and in alignment with you then don't do it. An idea that isn't just isn't motivating and it's going to feel like a grind, everyday!

An idea that IS motivating gets you out of bed happy and energised. The day is already half won. Check your idea against the process. It might save you time running with the wrong idea or you might find one in greater alignment with who you are and what's valuable.

If you don't have an idea the process will find one inline with your values.

We have a process to help you uncover what's valuable and important to you. A process to cut through the cloud of confusion and help you separate out the great startup ideas. It's simple, it's logical and it works. 

What you get

The Startup Ideas Workshop is a set of seven live and online guided activities, designed to shift and expand your thoughts and your imagination. It’s one deep strategically designed conversation with yourself. A conversation of discovery, contemplation and decision-making.

  • Identify your driving forces
  • Clarify your unique value to the world
  • Decide on what’s most important to you
  • Derive an undeniable purpose statement
  • Contemplate a list of potential ideas and choose a powerful one
  • Take a deep dive into what this idea could look like if it played full out
  • Design the idea universe from the ground up

    Not sure if this is for you? Book a free 30-minute zoom to find out. 

    Why choose us?

    At Design Moshpit we have deep industry experience at successfully crafting meaningful conversations for people to solve their own problems. What could be more individually empowering? We are industry leaders in designing big, hairy, audacious conversations. The Startup Ideas Workshop design is at the forefront of technological innovation using the latest bleeding-edge digital design methodologies (design thinking and user experience design) to design this and a program of world-class workshops. 

    The Startup Ideas Workshop is the first one. 

    The workshop is run live and online using the video and audio conferencing tool Zoom. All you need is a power source, a computer and internet connection. Your work is yours to keep. View, review and rework your idea content 24/7 anywhere, anytime, anyplace using the free cloud-based industry tool Miro. 

    Simple. Clean. Easy.

    This is your time

    The time for you to be helping others is over!

    This is the time for you to help yourself and discover your idea!!!

    This is about you. Don’t wait.

    The Startup Ideas Workshop will redefine what matters most to you so you can live a life of fulfilment and step into life on a grander scale.


    - - - - -

    The Facilitator

    Bernard Schokman, Design Thinker and Founder of Design Moshpit, has worked in numerous digital roles across large corporations, medium sized businesses and startup organisations. In 2007 he started his move into a career deep in Strategy and Design. 

    Having reinvented himself on numerous occasions he wanted to create something tangible to help himself (and others) do the same. He has authored the design book "UX Like a BOSS" and co-authored "Design Thinking Moderator" with Sean McGuire - Design Thinker at Microsoft. He has also provided design mentoring for various organisations across Australia while lecturing in Design Management at Victoria University. 

    What others had to say

    "I recommend this to anyone who is uncertain about their next step, figuring out where they are at currently and where they would like to be." 

    | Dario Strbac

    "It helped me discover what was really important to me. The things that were keeping me awake at night. It helped bring them out and bring clarity to what my purpose is and what I need to do next!" 

    | Stefan Jay

    "It helps you to organise your thoughts, feelings and ideas in a very simple way. You will be able to see more clearly what you are passionate about, how to work on it and live from it!" 

    | Karina Miotto 

    "If you're feeling lost or overwhelmed with life, it's a great starting point to re-assess and feel into what it is that is important to you. It will help you find your why, which is the stepping stone to possibilities." 

    | Ashleigh Luong

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