Event: STF Presents: PTSD - Proposing Tony and Summoning Dinosaurs

General information

Travel instructions

Car: The closest carpark is Carpark 6. Bus: The closest stop is Kingsbury/Waterdale Rd. Tram: The closest stop is La Trobe University/Plenty Road (Stop #60) on the 86 line.

Entry instructions

Enter via the eastern doors of Menzies College DH Building, closest to Carpark 6.

After entry instructions

Front of House will be available in the foyer of Menzies College DH Building, who will show you the performance venue after arrival.


If you have difficulty with stairs, we advise you to sit towards the back of the theatre space.

Toilet location

Available on level 2 of the building, up the stairs/elevator from the performance venue.

Accessible parking

Spaces available in carpark 6 and to the north of Menzies College DH Building. For more information on available parking, please check