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Sydney Tiny Home Expo

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We recommend ordering tickets early; our Brisbane SOLD OUT and left many people very disappointed.

(children 16 and under do not require a ticket)

Your NSW Dine and Stay Voucher can be used at check out with your online order.

(Note: Vouchers can not be refunded per NSW Government Guidelines)


Friday /  Morning - arrive before 1pm  AM   $25   (AM tickets can stay all day)
Friday / Afternoon - arrive after 1pm   PM  $20 

Saturday /  Morning - arrive before 1pm  AM  $35 (AM tickets can stay all day)
Saturday / Afternoon - arrive after 1pm  PM  $25
Sunday /  Morning - arrive before 1pm   AM   $35 (AM tickets can stay all day)
Sunday / Afternoon - arrive after  1pm.  PM  $25 

Tiny Homes on display, on wheels, without wheels, container homes, modular homes, granny flats, kit homes, little ones, big ones, off grid ones…
Come See, look, touch, feel and learn
about Tiny Home Living and backyard opportunities, how to go complete Off-Grid, live tiny and choose self sustained lifestyles.

You may be interested in getting “Off the rat race”, or investing in an Air-BNB style additional house on your property, looking to house your parents, or teenagers, looking for workspace options. Whatever you are looking for, Tiny Home Expo will have a wealth of information for your adventure into this hugely popular alternative to traditional housing options including innovative build-your-own products.

The staggered entry helps to reduce queuing to see tiny homes - but there are Queues!  If you literally just want to run in and see a few interiors of Tiny Homes and nothing else, we recommend visiting a builder in your area who will offer this - for free.

This Expo is more about finding out about everything that goes with Tiny Home Living - where, how and why.

All your questions answered - How big are they exactly? What about rules and regulations? Can you travel with them? How heavy are they? What about sewerage, power, water, heating, cooling? Can I finance? How much are they?


Presentations and Speakers will deliver some expert and diverse ideas on Off Grid set ups, How to live tiny, self sufficiency and lifestyle. In addition there are Q + A sessions with experts advising and resourcing answers to your most pressing questions.  

NOTE:  some speakers and presentations may not be available on FRIDAYS.

• PM tickets will not be allowed entry until after 1pm
AM tickets sold can not offer a part refund if arriving later in the day.
• AM tickets are valid all day long - you do not have to leave at 1pm.
AM tickets are limited. There will be no gate sales for AM tickets.

RAIN - the show will go on if it rains - please be expected to remove your shoes when entering a tiny home to inspect. Bring an umbrella!
FOOD -  food vendors will offer a range of food and drinks including vegetarian and vegan options.
CHILDREN - this is a child friendly event, although there is no specific children's entertainment. Children under 16yrs DO NOT REQUIRE A TICKET
DOGS - by all means bring your dog (pet or service animal), however many tiny home builders might request you do not take the animal inside a tiny home. They must be in control and wear a muzzle if easily frightened or aggressive/defensive (the event is crowded, like a market).  If you are seen allowing your dog to lift a leg against a house/exhibit you can be asked to leave! Bring a bag for mess - this is a crowded event! 
DISABLED - Tiny Homes are perfect for people with disabilities. However, the industry is 'Young' and as yet, not many will have a display for specific disability access. Builders of these homes are lovely people! Builders will adapt any house to your needs, and if you were interested in purchasing one, you can make arrangements with the builder to access the event at a specific private time if needed - just ask the builder. The grounds are mainly grassy areas and unfortunately, many tiny homes are not suitable for wheelchair access (stair entry). The Event is busy and people with Autism or similar may get distressed - again, talk to a builder about coming back at the very end of the day, or a special early entry if this helps you.   WE DO NOT CHARGE COMPANION CARD HOLDERS.  Please present at ticket office with your card.

• REFUNDS - should this event be postponed due to Covid, you can request a refund in full.  We DO NOT refund AFTER the event.  Tickets are in demand and can be resold - so please relinquish your ticket early if you can not make the event.

• COVID - this is a CovidSafe event with physical distancing, hand washing and heightened expectations from visitors. Follow instructions please. 
• COVID - It is absolutely essential that you do not enter the event if you have been in contact with Covid19 or have any symptoms. Request a refund PRIOR to your entry time.




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Refund policy

Refunds PRIOR to the event start date are on an individual basis. Weather is not a valid refund reason. If it rains bring umbrella and removable shoes for entering houses!