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Tantra of Money - The Art of opening to money as a lover ONLINE WORKSHOP

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Imagine having an empowering relationship with money, to be met in the deepest yearning of your Soul and to be a full yes to life in everything you desire?

We live in a society that is so highly traumatise about money, no matter how much money someone makes make, lots of people live in survival, with this idea that you have to work hard, and prove yourself or other to be successful. These conditionings come from families, our inner circle, relationships and society.
So many people have gone through betrayal, survival, they had to compromise their values, many have lost core relationships because of money.

Although money is not the real cause of all of this, the energy and meaning we give to money creates so much pain and limitations.

When we move from scarcity to abundance we liberate ourselves from the cycle of needing money to opening up to infinite possibilities of creation, to love and freedom.


Teachings, embodiment, somatic practices & lifetime tools to create more safety and turn on between you and money. A safe space to come as you are

Join us for a 2h immersion designed to shift your relationship with money and create the life you deeply desire


  • Working very hard to make money and subconsciously you know that there are some parts of you screaming for freedom
  • Moving between contraction and expansion, ups and downs around it,  sometimes you manifest a lot other times you go though lots of scarcity which creates lots of stress in the nervous system and instability
  • Calculating in advance all the money you receive, how they will be spent...yes, that one!
  • Lack of money, keeping attracting survival and scarcity patterns & thoughts
  • Anxiety when you have or receive big sums of money, fears that they will finish, not knowing if they will spend them wisely etc..
  • Hoarding
  • Spending all the money as soon they receive it
  • Big fear of failure
  • Feeling unworthy of money, undercharging, fear of asking for more money or a pay rise
  • Feeling unworthy of having it all, the money/ lifestyle/or work that thrills your Soul

These above are more common than you imagine.


Isabel is a sexuality, women’e empowerment and leadership coach, and the host of the 'CLAIMED Pleasure & Leadership' podcast.

Isabel is a passionate entrepreneur, with her background in somatic psychotherapy, tantra, coaching, she offers a deep embodied expertise on pleasure and eroticism as a way of creating a more fulfilled life, with ourselves and in our relationships.


'The value of this workshop it's much more of what you charge, this workshop and your knowledge are incredible' Benedict

'A truly surprising and awakening workshop, Tantra of Money has shifted my senses of what’s possible, I’ve gone from fearing money to loving it.' Angelina

'I felt all the practices were really shifting something, not only my mind but really in my body and subconscious level. Andrea

Thank you Isabel for your passion about this topic, it's very much needed and I really hope you will reach thousands of people' 

'What I am taking from this workshop is truly putting myself first and living my best life. I am learning how to claim myself, and not lowering anymore my prices to please others, and to build a loving relationship with money' Sandya

‘I feel this workshop liberated my potential and permission to feel joy, connection and abundance in relation to money.’ 

Recently I attended Isabel's Tantra of Money Workshop. It came just at the right time for me as I was waiting for a large sum of money that was owed to me but felt scared to receive it. When I would even think about it my body would contract. During the day we explored safe and gentle embodiment practices, which helped me recognise how i interact with money, pleasure and abundance. The understanding of the Feminine and masculine and how both are needed helped me to open up in my body especially to receive. My biggest take away from the workshop is the ongoing permission I now give myself to allow pleasure into my life through my relationship with money and abundance. Two days after the workshop sure enough I received the large sum of money and I welcomed it...I felt excited and a new sense of confidence that I can have it..I can have it all...yummmmm Thank you Isabel ❤Vara

'I feel so grateful to have whole heartedly experienced tantra of money. Every being who was part of the journey had some type of awakening and sparkle added back to their Soul. I cannot wait to see how we evolve and use our perspective lens. Thank you thank you thank you!' Isabella

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