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    The 10 Daily Habits of Every Successful Leader

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    There are 10 proven success habits of highly successful leaders.

    This highly engaging workshop is crafted for executives, senior leaders, and managers who understand the pitfalls of bad habits and aim to establish the right ones.

    Kylie will share the 10 habits of highly successful leaders and how you can implement them in your life and work to become more successful, less stressed, and more energised.

    These 10 habits serve as the cornerstone for cultivating self-discipline, fortitude, unwavering determination, and unshakeable belief—essential ingredients for achieving personal and professional goals, sustaining motivation, and supercharging productivity every single day.

    During the workshop, you will receive vital information to set you up for success and discover a range of models, tools, and techniques to create the right habits TODAY.

    James Clear, a best-selling author and habit expert, found that habits influence our lives, shaping our actions in ways far more profound than we often realize.

    Over 40% of our daily actions aren't conscious decisions but rather ingrained habits—making it crucial to establish the right habits.


    The 10 Daily Habits of Every Successful Leader On-Demand Virtual Workshop

    Available from June 12, 2024 at 9AM – July 10, 2024 at 5pm


    1. Unlock the Power of Habits
      Discover how habits shape our lives and learn to harness their potential for personal and professional growth.
    2. Navigate the Layers of Behavior Change
      Delve into the intricate layers of behavior change, equipping yourself with the tools to transform habits effectively.
    3. Master Your Narrative
      Explore the stories we tell ourselves and uncover how they influence our habits, empowering you to rewrite your narrative for success.
    4. Understand the Habit Loop
      Crack the code of habit formation as we unravel the intricacies of the habit loop, enabling you to instill and sustain positive behaviors effortlessly.
    5. Adopt the Habits of Highly Successful People
      Gain exclusive insights into the habits practiced by highly successful individuals, equipping you with actionable strategies to emulate their achievements.


    1. Good habits aren't just about ticking off tasks—they're the secret sauce to achieving your goals.
    2. Think of them as the bedrock of your life, laying a sturdy foundation for success in every aspect.
    3. When you cultivate good habits, it's not just you who benefits. Your team reaps the rewards too, thriving under your guidance and inspiration.
    4. Good habits elevate us, bringing out our finest qualities and igniting our potential.
    5. Efficiency? Oh, you bet! Good habits are the turbo boosters that propel us toward peak performance.
    6. And here's the kicker: our team is always watching. By embodying the best habits, we become living, breathing examples for them to emulate.
    7. Simply put, good habits empower us to be the absolute best versions of ourselves, day in and day out.


    Kylie is one of Australia’s most trusted thought leaders on leadership and sales in financial services.

    Kylie is also a bestselling Author, Speaker and Founding Director at Performance Advisory Group. With over 26 years of industry experience, a previous financial adviser and a background in organisational psychology, Kylie has helped thousands of financial professionals achieve success.

    As a professionally certified coach, Kylie specialises in working with senior leaders and their teams to get great results but more importantly make a difference to the lives of their valued clients.

    Kylie delivers high-energy keynote presentations and workshops that inspire her audience to become better in a world that desperately needs strong leadership.

    For over 20 years, Kylie has inspired people throughout the financial services industry and has worked across large and small organisations in both public and private sectors including blue chip companies like Suncorp, NAB, QSuper, Blue Care.


    “Kylie is an incredibly valuable Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert. I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Kylie’s depth and breadth of experience in financial services, and have had the pleasure of working closely with her to develop a program for my team..” - Michael MckennaGeneral Manager

    The word ‘coach’ has been a buzz word around the corporate environment for a number of years. Fortunately I have seen the benefits for myself and my teams around what authentic coaching and leadership development delivers. I have had the pleasure of working with Kylie across a number of organisation's, and her difference is she is genuine and invests time in you. It isn’t scripted, and one model fits all, it focuses on you, where you are and where you want to go! Kylie leaves a lasting impact! Rikki White - Manager Customer Contact - Blue Care

    Kylie has a fantastic ability to help you get to the crux of the most important issue or opportunity at a personal or business level. Then to work through the process of setting a plan to make the required change in a very practical and realistic way. Her highly personal and empathetic approach cuts through the theory to make sure real results are achieved. Kylie’s coaching around the conversation framework and leadership principles and strategies has been invaluable in helping me lead my team through this tumultuous year. Jeff Thurecht - Financial Adviser and Business Owner - Evalesco

    Being a coach comes with merit. People choose a coach for who they are. To be a leadership coach, you truly need to exemplify excellence in leadership practices. Walk the talk, so to say. Having worked alongside Kylie, and seeing how she behaves in a team environment has proven her value as a leadership coach to me. She is inquisitive, empathetic, thoughtful, well planned and takes action. More importantly, she truly cares for the wellbeing and success of the people she guides. That is invaluable! Bram Lagrou - Business Owner

    I have known Kylie for over 10 years both as a colleague and as a trusted adviser. Kylie knows how to implement and influence change and has coached both myself and my advisers in leadership, sales skills and soft skills. Kylie is a thought leader in financial services leadership and sales and I wouldn’t hesitate to have her working alongside me and my team again. - Steven O'Donoghue - Executive Financial Services Leader


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