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The Art & Science of Breath: Mastering Calm in Chaotic Times 27/7/24

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Discover the Art and Science of Breathing: Mastering Calm in Chaotic Times

Join us for a transformative 2-hour workshop to harness the power of your breath. Learn to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance focus, and take the tools to live with more peace and grace. This workshop is especially beneficial during the often stressful summer holiday season, helping you stay cool and present with your loved ones.

Who is this for:

  • Individuals seeking to enhance any aspect of their lives.
  • People coping with anxiety, stress, depression, or other mental health challenges.
  • Those desiring greater clarity and focus. 
  • Individuals aiming to improve physical performance, body awareness, and recovery.
  • Anyone looking to boost their health and quality of life.
  • Those seeking to increase happiness and find inner calm.

“I had some awareness of breath beforehand. The workshop surprised me with the power of the breathing exercises that I had not experienced before. I enjoyed the relaxed state of the presenter and the change of my state from stressed to relaxed.”  - Stacey K

Benefits of Focused Breathing:

  • Instantly reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Increases focus and clarity.
  • Boosts happiness and awareness.
  • Enhances overall health (cardiovascular, immune, nervous systems).
  • Improves energy, performance, and recovery.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Strengthens mind-body connection.
  • It helps you stay present in life.

“I was on the verge of a full-blown crisis. Now I feel easy-going, and I’m laughing at all the things that have bothered me over the last three months.” — Talia H

Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to breath awareness and its importance.
  • Insights into the nervous system and stress response.
  • Techniques to alleviate stress and achieve tranquillity.
  • Practice of coherent breathing to scientifically synchronise heart and mind.
  • Exploration of various mindfulness and breathing practices.
  • Guidance on optimal everyday breathing.
  • A simple 5-minute daily practice for integration into your routine.

This workshop is grounded in scientific principles and delivered in a user-friendly format. After the session, participants will receive a comprehensive PDF with valuable information for further reference and practice.

“Awesome, exceeded my expectations. I liked the scientific perspective that resonated with me. The exercises are simple and easy to incorporate into my day. I’m definitely seeing benefits already.” - James N

About the Facilitator:

Scott is a leading breathwork coach and psychology researcher in New Zealand. With over a decade of experience, he holds four breathwork certifications, including Wim Hof Method, HeartMath, Buteyko, and Oxygen Advantage. Scott recently completed research on positive emotions and depression, focusing on the role of enthusiasm. A father of two, he co-owns Zen Den, a cafe and bookshop, and is establishing a wellness studio in Matakana with his partner.

"Scott has some real calm and depth to him." - Wim Hof

“After working with Scott, life is now breathing around me.” - Sal Hejaz

What to Bring:

  • Open mind
  • Yoga mat (if you have one)
  • Cushion or pillow
  • Notepad and pen
  • Drink bottle
  • Comfortable, warm clothing


Q: Do I need prior experience?
A:No. This workshop is beneficial for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Q: How does breathing help with stress and anxiety?
A: Focused breathing activates the body's relaxation response, reduces tension, lowers stress hormones, improves oxygen flow, enhances present-moment awareness, aids emotional processing, and improves mental clarity and sleep quality.

Q: Is it safe for everyone?
A: Generally, yes. However, those with cardiovascular issues, epilepsy, recent surgeries, or severe mental health challenges should seek medical advice first.

Q: What if I can't afford it?
A: We offer payment options like Zip and Afterpay. Contact Scott directly for assistance for those who can't afford these options. He believes wellness is for everyone, and cost should not be a barrier.

Q: Will there be more sessions?
A: Yes, future sessions will be listed on our event's page. Or contact us to arrange a 1:1 or private group session.

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