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The Gaddie Pitch Masterclass - Oct 17th

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How well do you pitch yourself and your business?

What? An ONLINE Gaddie Pitch Masterclass session with Antony Gaddie
 Thursday 17th October 12pm to 2pm Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane time
We're on a mission to empower tens of thousands of people and businesses - and putting The Gaddie Pitch in the hands of people who want to pitch themselves and to sharpen their deal-making skills is part of our vision to make a difference.

“I closed a deal worth $80,000 in less than 1 minute and that deal turned into $250k of business for our company. My secret weapon? The Gaddie Pitch.”

                                                      ~ Danielle Neale, former CEO of Bespoke Software

I was lucky enough to meet Danielle at a workshop in Brisbane. 
James Tuckerman, of Australian Anthill fame, asked if I would fly to Brisbane to share The Gaddie Pitch Masterclass with 400+ people at an seminar which he was hosting.
At the morning tea break, a woman called Danielle Neale approached me and thanked me for the Gaddie Pitch Session.

The convo went something like this:
: “Thanks for the Gaddie Pitch session. It solved a problem I’ve been grappling with for a long time - how to pitch myself and my business properly, and at the end, when you encouraged us to share our newly formed pitch with somebody we had not met before, I shared mine with the guy behind me. You’re never gonna believe this… he has a direct need for my services and I reckon I’ve pretty much closed a deal with him already!”
: “Wow! That’s amazing! Well done. Here’s my business card. Please feel free to give me a call and let me know what happens. Keep me posted!”

3 months later, Danielle called me to confirm that she had closed the deal – for $80,000- and she then called me a while later to confirm that the same client had ordered another $170,000- of services from her company.

That’s $250K of new business, all from using her (half-completed) Gaddie Pitch, once!

Thankfully, Danielle has invited me to share a full Gaddie Pitch workshop with colleagues and students at the University of Newcastle where she now works!

“The first time I used my Gaddie Pitch, somebody referred me to a lead. That lead turned into a relationship which resulted in $200k of business for us. The Gaddie Pitch really worked for us.”

                                                      ~ Peter Dijkema, Director of Sisu Coaching

Peter Dijkema, founder of Sisu Coaching, learned the Gaddie Pitch at one of our Masterclasses. Once completed, he shared it with Yevette Willison at the workshop. Yvette then referred him a lead. That lead turned into $200k of business for Peter. Well done Peter!

“The Gaddie Pitch is by far the best pitching system I have ever seen in the world. If you’re in business and you don’t have a Gaddie Pitch… best you get one, or you’re missing out.”

~ Steve Sammartino, legendary author of The Lessons School Forgot, co-conspirator of the Lego Car, the video of which almost broke the internet - it’s been watched more than 10 Million times now.

Steve Sammartino shared the feedback above at an invitation-only lunch event hosted by Antony Gaddie, which included 46 x CEOs, business owners and non-executive directors. Thanks Steve!

What is The Gaddie Pitch?

You know how a lot of business owners and decision makers really want to grow their business, but sometimes they struggle to describe their value and they feel like they’re swimming against the tide to secure new clients and talented staff, and to make it all happen?

Well what we do at The Gaddie Pitch is share systems and AI to help them pitch their genius and their value and to close deals in a way that will have new clients and talented staff bashing down the door to get to them!

Who is using The Gaddie Pitch already?

Tens of thousands of people/businesses have already benefited from the Gaddie Pitch.
Thankfully, the videos have now been watched tens of thousands of times, and I regularly hear from people who have closed new deals and had new clients referred to them, simply because they have created (and are using) their Gaddie Pitch.

It’s embedded in Monash University’s Generator Program. It’s taught by Student Edge (which has 1.3 Million members in Australia). It’s embedded in CSIRO’s incubator program. David Jenyns and the team at Systemology have shared this system with their client base and members. I have lectured it to the Finance and Accounting Masters students at The University of Melbourne. In 2023, a senior executive at Origin Energy reached out to me to tell me it’s the most valuable piece of IP his team has been exposed to. IAG (a $13Bn insurance company) is using it and got our permission to share it with the CEO of one of their clients – who used it and then acquired a license to share it with all of her clients. The following organisations have taught it or are using it or have asked me to teach it to their community.

There is nothing mysterious about it and you can acquire a Gaddie Pitch too!

“What do you do?”

When somebody asks you “What do you (your business) do?” Do you have a response ready to go?
If yes, is less than 42 seconds long, easily understood and highly memorable?

Have you ever closed a deal worth more than $10,000- in less than a minute?

Have you ever closed a deal worth more than $10K, in less than 1 minute, purely because your pitch was simply brilliant? If yes, you might want to help me lead this Masterclass training!? If not, you will likely find this Masterclass exceptionally valuable.

Would more referrals be useful for you?

If the answer is yes, I invite you to consider how to make your pitch so memorable that each time a person you’ve shared your pitch with (eg let’s use the name Sally) meets somebody you can add value to (even if it’s weeks/month after you met Sally in the first place), Sally immediately thinks of you and she is inspired to refer this new relationship to you.

What could you do with more business, revenue and profits?

How much more business could you write if this became a pattern?
What could you do with the extra revenue and profits?

What could your business do/achieve/become if it could attract highly talented staff?

We all know that a business is only as good as the team of people it employs! What if you could use your Gaddie Pitch to communicate the values of your business in a way that attracted talented staff to join your team? Would that help you to get to where you’re trying to go?

Are you interested in making a difference?

How much more of a difference can we all make in the world as all of our own basic needs become “taken care of?” Impact is one of the driving reasons behind the whole Gaddie Pitch philosophy and purpose.

What’s the promise of this Masterclass?

If you attend this Gaddie Pitch Masterclass, you will walk away with a Gaddie Pitch.

You will then be able to implement it in the following ways:

  1. You’ll have a brilliant elevator pitch ready to go each time somebody asks you “What do you do?”
  2. You’ll be able to include it in your website.
  3. You’ll be able to include it in your LinkedIn and/or Facebook profiles.
  4. You’ll be able to include it in your proposals.

Used correctly and with consistency, it should help you to attract leads and talented staff.

Who is this Masterclass for?

Business owners and leaders – if you want to attract new clients and talented staff.
Marketing leaders – if you want to “nail your message”.
Thinkers, strategists and do-ers who want to make a difference in the world.
Educational institutions – if you want to empower your community and attract more students.

Anyone who may have found it hard, until now, to pitch yourself or your business with confidence.

Is there an investment?

Yes. It costs you $33 + the Humanitix booking fee to attend.

100% Delight Guarantee

If you’re not delighted with the experience, we’ll ask you to provide feedback and then we’ll provide a 100% return of your investment with no further questions asked. So far, nobody has ever requested a refund for a Gaddie Pitch masterclass.

How will this Gaddie Pitch Masterclass create uplift for Humanity?

  1. The booking platform, Humanitix, apportions all of its profits to the uplift of children.
  2. For each ticket purchased, we will allocate a ticket to specific people and companies who might not be able to afford the ticket right now. This might be a not-for-profit organisation, a social enterprise or a start-up that is intent on creating Uplift for humanity and/or the environment.


What have others said about The Gaddie Pitch?

The Gaddie Pitch is one of the most valuable pitching weapons you can get your hands on. It was voted “must useful piece of content” by our subscribers a couple of years in a row and I’ve watched people transform their ability to attract leads and talented staff when Antony delivered his Gaddie Pitch Masterclass at some of our live events.                                 

James Tuckerman, Founder, Australian Anthill – highly successful digital publication in the tech, startup and scaleup space.

Once we started using our Gaddie Pitch which was gifted to us by iag Insurance, other people found it easier to remember us and to refer us. I found it so valuable, I acquired a license to share The Gaddie Pitch with all of our members!

Carrie Kwan, Founder, Mums & Co.

Using the Gaddie Pitch to describe what we do makes it super easy for me to describe what we do in ways that other people can easily understand, remember and refer me to others. Period.

Heather Maloney, CEO, Contactpoint

Got any questions about the Masterclass, The Gaddie Pitch or our vision for Impact?

Please hit me up on email (Antony Gaddie):

To your success and to the uplift of humanity and the planet!

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