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Thrifter Rent-A-Rack Brisbane (West End) 2024

Price $350 AUD + BF Get tickets

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Rent-A-Rack is your opportunity to have your wardrobe sold by us in our studio at Thrifter in West End, Brisbane (61 Hardgrave Rd West End). Our space is in the Rialto Theatre on the busy shopping strip where you find the best restaurants and close to the West End schools! 


1. You book a 'rack' online for your chosen month (1 calendar month).

2. Add swing tags to all of your pre-loved clothing with your name and price

3. Bring your items to our shop in Brisbane (West End) on the drop off day (last day of the month prior - we are ALWAYS closed the last day of the month as this is 'swap over day') and set up your rack (you will receive an information email with dates/times for your month)

4. We sell your clothing items for you and  you receive 100% of your earnings

* You can share your rack with 1 other person (max)

* You start with 50 items (we provide the coat hangers) and you can top it up as things start to sell

* You will receive 2 email updates throughout the month, however you are able to email us throughout the month when you want to know your sold number of items/amount made - you are welcome into the shop any day during shop hours

* You will be added into a Watsapp group with all other rack holders so that we can share photos of items with missing tags * We do not sell any item in the warehouse without a tag and this is where we give the group a general overview of how many items people are selling each week

* During your hire month, we have a rack release day show casing all of the new racks

* On the last weekend of each month, we have a sale weekend where you choose a percentage to be taken off your rack for the day

* We can't guarantee that you will make a HUGE profit, it depends on your stock and the shoppers shopping during your month

* You MUST read all terms and conditions AND provide us with your bank details during the booking system so that we can pay you 100% of your earnings 

Our West End store is open 7 days a week

61 Hardgrave Rd West End

Open Hours

7 Days 9am - 2pm 


*No refunds or wait list available

We Sell For You


You can have 50 of your personal  clothing items. All your items must be washed and priced. Thrifter will provide the rack and the 50 hangers.

​You will attached swing tags to each item clearly marked with your name, price and description of item (ie: DISSH Black Dress) Please attach the tag to the clothing, not the hanger

​You are welcome to bring 2 pairs of shoes and 2 handbags MAX when hiring a rack

Please do not bring damaged or stained items. Thrifter has the right to refuse items that are soiled, stained or damaged.


$350 for one calendar month in Brisbane (you can share this with 1 friend) 

This includes 1 month of your clothes in our shop where we sell your items for you.

You will be paid 100% of your sales in bulk at the end of your month term.


Your rack hire period is 1 calendar month. 
Your clothes will be sold in our Brisbane Warehouse, including any events held at the Brisbane Warehouse.

Clothing collection dates will be the last 'shop open day/calendar date' of the month - please make sure you are available. If clothing is not collected within 7 days, these items will be donated.


For Luxury branded items (Gucci, LV etc) it is up to the owner to provide an Authentification Certificate. Our shop does not have an in-house authenticator.


We do not provide refunds to your rent-a-rack ticket, so please book wisely. We can however, move your month if something comes up. You will need to provide us with a strict 7 days notice.


When you enter our shop, you will find a wide range of sizes upstairs and downstairs.


We encourage designer/high quality clothing upstairs and cheaper brands/labels downstairs. Please do not bring SHEIN, FashionNova and alike.


We have insurance for your items, however at times, we often have rack hirers ask us to put their 'favourite handbag' behind the desk or their 'most loved wedding dress' hung up at the front desk so that no one can try on. We are sorry, however if you have these precious items, we recommend selling on Facebook Marketplace. Our shoppers are welcome to try on all items - if this is not something you are happy with, please keep these sentimental items at home.


1. Your payment gives you 1 rack hire with 50 coat hangers for one calendar month plus any event held
where we sell your items for you for that calendar month. You are welcome to top up your rack throughout the month as items sell. Your rack may move position within in the shop when we merchandise.

2.You receive two emails throughout the month that will tell you an update on your sales. You are welcome to email if you would like an additional update AND you are welcome to pop into your shop location at any time to top up your rack.

3. You can bring clothing, 2 pairs of shoes, handbags or accessories that will hang off your rack to the total of 50 items.

4. We provide the option to ‘add/change/swap to your rack’ giving you the flexibility to use your rack to its full potential throughout the month. This means, that there are to be MAXIMUM 50 items at one time on your rack. Thrifter is not responsible for items you change/swap to your rack. If the seller swaps/changes items from their rack, Thrifter is not responsible for these. Thrifter is not responsible to keep your swing tags after you have collected your items.

5. You must bring your items in on the last day of the month (you receive an information email the week
leading up to your month) before your booked calendar month with swing tags tied securely to each item and on these swing tags must be your NAME and PRICE. If you are sharing a rack, your items must be labelled with your individual names, as you will each have your own individual named category in the point of sale software. Thrifter must be aware of who is selling on the rack. You are not entitled to sell on behalf of a third person on your rack - only two sellers per month on your rack max.

6. Thrifter has the right to refuse the sale of items that are damaged, stained or ripped. Thrifter does not
encourage the sale of ‘fast fashion brands’ and encourages quality brands and items.

7. You must collect your items at the end of the calendar month or unless otherwise emailed confirmation of a different date. If your items are not collected within 3 days of the end of the calendar month, with no contact, these will be donated. Thrifter does not have the storage capacity to hold items.

8. For luxury branded items (GUCCI, LV etc) it is up to you to provide an authentication certificate. Thrifter does not have an in-house authenticator.

9. At the end of the calendar month, your items will be totaled using our Point of Sale system and you will
receive 100% of your sales. As we are selling products on consignment as your agent, we are not responsible for collecting or remitting GST on your behalf.

10. Thrifter is not responsible if you notice items ‘missing’ after you leave our store. You are to check
your total items/swing tags during collection process. By signing this contract you agree to the terms above *If you are sharing a rack, by agreeing you are by default agreeing to the terms and conditions on behalf of both rack hirers.

11. Thrifter do not offer a ‘set up’ service - you are to set your rack up during the time frame given on the 1-2 days before your calendar month begins. If you can’t make this, we ask for a $10 fee to set your rack up. Thrifter also ask that you pack down your own rack and if youdon’t do this on the pack down days, we will charge a $10 fee from your total earnings at the end of the

12. We will do our best to ensure that your clothes are safe with us, however Thrifter takes no responsibility if an item is damaged, lost or stolen or if there is a fire, water damage or other unforeseen situations. Our stores have camera surveillance, all thefts will be reported to the police.

13. Thrifter reserves the right to change the ‘Terms and Conditions’ at any time.

Any further questions, please email:

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