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    Tranquility through meditation

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    A gentle welcome to come and join in the eternal peace and stillness that is always available within our beingness.Β 

    Below the turbulence of the thinking mind and the ongoing stresses and demands from the everyday living experience, exists a peace and stillness that is available if intentionally cultivated.Β 

    I feel inspired to offer a meditational space where we can all drop into this stillness of our inner sanctum to strengthen peace and love for ourselves and for others.Β The meditational journey will use a variety of practical exercises and techniques where we will develop inner resiliency by coming back home to our core.Β 

    Beyond the turbulence of outer world circumstances, a space of serenity is available through meditation.Β 
    An opportunity to place your focus and awareness in your inner world and to cultivate divine qualities such as compassion, clarity, love, peace and joy.Β 

    If you are interested in becoming less reactive to life and to feel a secure solidity within yourself no matter what is going on in the outside then this group will support you to develop such qualities. In times with so many choices and options, it feels important to have a regular check in where depth of presence can grow over time. The distractions of life can lead to unfulfilling outcomes or a sense of emptiness or needing that can never be quenched.Β 

    Find this sense of fullness within your inner being and you will stop searching for it in the outside world.Β 

    The focus of the group is:

    ->Β Purification of the mental and emotional body.

    ->Β Strengthening spirit and your inner being.

    ->Β Anchoring a sense of home within yourself.

    ->Β Increasing sensitivity to your subtle energy field.

    ->Β Shifting life perspective to be empowering in support of your evolutionary journey.

    ->Β Attuning to qualities such as compassion, peace, kindness, love and peace.

    ->Experiencing harmony within yourself and your every day interactions with others.

    Details: You can join this meditation experience either through an online option or if you are based in Sydney, Australia you are welcome to attend live if you would like to share company and have a cup of chai with chatsΒ afterwards (limited to 12 ppl)

    The tranquility meditation 3 partΒ series is scheduled for the following 3 dates:

    Tuesday, 7th May 2024 at 7pm,Β 

    Tuesday 21st May 2024 at 7pm,

    Tuesday 4th June 2024 at 7pm,Β 

    Expression of appreciation isΒ on a sliding scale from $40 or more Β  (this is inclusive of all the 3Β classes)Β 
    This event will be setup on a donation basis depending on your circumstances and what feels right for you to contribute.Β 

    In AppreciationΒ 
    Nicolas Perrin

    A Bio about Nicolas:

    I started meditating in 2009 when I joined a previous group collective called BeFree People based on self realisation principles turning inwards to discover the answers about self, the one and the universe. This catapulted me to explore the subtle energy realms through Reiki, Theta Healing, Oneness Blessings and Matrix Energetics which all opened me up to the wonders of the universe beyond the physical realm. I was fortunate enough to have various spiritual mentors that assisted me in strengthening my connection with spirit while learning to purify the mind and body. I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in multiple Vipasanna long meditation retreats forging the qualities of discipling, focus and concentration. In recent years I actively participate in the Self Realisation Fellowship founded by Yogananda in 1920. I have a wealth of skills and experiences that can support you to deepen in your connection with spirit and to purify body, mind, emotions and subtle energy.Β 

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