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    I'm excited excited to announce we are back with the Transformational Breathing Method. 

     Yes this is the full TBM Breath journey with altered states, new frequencies and potentially that DMT release :)

    This will be a community morning at the amazing Flow State to get super clear on the years vision and release anything that's in the way.

    We'll run this as the Breath Collective so it's myself and friends taking you through a magical morning of healing and transformation.

    This is a super potent group of people bringing their healing medicine together. We will also be enjoying the power of sound vibration and frequency with Transformational Breathing.

    Did you know that Breathwork can help you to tap more into your intuition and gain insights into your next steps.

    This Breathwork is an opportunity to come home to your heart and have a powerful reset within a supportive conscious community. 

    On Saturday the 22nd of June come and join Trey Williams Consciousness Mentor and Breathwork facilitator & FRIENDS for the BREATH COLLECTIVES Transformational Breathing Method at the amazing FLOW STATE in Palm Beach.

    Not only will you receive a transformational experience, you'll also take home the "daily practice" which is a short breath set to rejuvenate your morning routines and win the day. 

    Transformational Breathing is an ancient breath technique for modern times. Welcome to  Himalayan Tantric Breathwork and Transformational Pranayama.

    This work allows you to go deep.   


    • LET GO of the past

    • CLEAR OUT suppressed emotions 

    • Start the RESETTING of your nervous system

    • ACCESS more of your intuition.


    You’ll be guided through a 75-minute Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) journey where you’ll get the opportunity to override psychic defences, clear emotional or mental blocks and connect to your inherent power.

    During the CCB session, you’ll learn the FULL FREE FLOW method of breath that doesn't have any pauses between the inhale and exhale. This cyclic breath helps you to bypass your analytical mind and helps you to drop deeper into your body, into a felt sense. This helps you to tap into your unconscious mind and the opportunity to clear out the suppressed memories, emotions and mental patterns.


    The breathwork helps you to unlock your body's innate wisdom and its healing potential, and can help you to connect to your vision, passions and purpose. 

    It also acts as a detoxification and a clearing out as the lymph system gets to work which is deeply therapeutic for your body to recalibrate your nervous system.

    Breathwork has also been shown to increase natural levels of the neurotransmitter N,N-DMT in the brain, which can lead to altered states of consciousness.

    During breathwork sessions, many people have profound insights into their lives and can see solutions to their problems as they become their own inner healer.

    WHY DO IT? 💫

    Breathwork can support you to expand your awareness, accept what is in your life and bring you closer to your life's purpose, your life’s work.

    Be prepared to feel true bliss and experience deep meditative states that go beyond the ordinary states of consciousness.

    By the end of the session, you’ll return deeply to love, compassion and gratitude which carries over into life, business and relationships.

    Sound Healing 💫

    Allow the magic of sound to bathe your mind body & soul in the healing frequencies and vibrations of the crystal bowls. Healing harmonics to transport you into new states of consciousness, deep cellular healing, relaxation and chakra atonement.


    Just remember the contraindications for the Breathwork:

    Pregnancy, epilepsy, recent surgery, cardiovascular problems, or anyone on heavy medication.

Please don’t take alcohol or other substances on the day of the event.

    “The breath is the ultimate key to your well-being and if done right it has the power to transform your entire life physical, mental and spiritual”.

    Tony Robbins

    What to bring: Please bring water, a notepad, a pen and a snack for grounding.

    About Trey:

    Trey has been a Yoga/Meditation teacher and Transformation Coach for the past 10 years. Trey loves using technologies learnt from his Himalayan Master such as Breathwork, Kriya yoga, Himalayan Kundalini, meditation from the Yog-Vedantic tradition to help people to get unstuck, claim their purpose and move ahead in their passions.


    “What an amazing journey! I was surprised how fast the Breathwork could be. I let go of trapped emotions and felt a divine release. I was left with presence, bliss and gratitude. Trey really is a teacher of teachers and can highly recommend this experience.”

    - Dr Espen Hjalmby (Speaker and Coach)

    “Coming into the breathwork session I was sceptical as to what it could do or help me with as I thought I knew quite a bit about breathing. Not long into the journey, it kicked in, I soon realised I was in a place I didn’t want to leave. It really was a surreal experience, the best experience of my life. No words can explain the whole process from start to finish. The feeling, the heat, the vibration. I realised I have everything I need right now to do what I want to do and the barriers I thought were there just aren’t real. Thanks, Trey for such a memorable experience, amazing.”

    - Kuda Muleya

    “Absolutely love the work you do Trey. My experience in your workshop was so intense. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same person as I was before the session. My mind has opened to this expansive place where I just know what I’m here for. I had like an out of body experience, blackness underneath me and then as I peaked it’s like I gave birth to existence, I see how big I am and the power that I hold and its game on now.”

    - Marley Halter

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