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    Transformational Breathwork

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    Join us for this Transformational Breathwork journey as we welcome the Strawberry Full Moon.  This year's Strawberry Moon is an excellent time for reassessing intentions set earlier in the year.  It's a great time for focusing on personal aspirations, and you may experience heightened productivity towards your goals, ambitions and overall life path.  This is the perfect setting for a Transformational Breathwork event.  During this powerful journey, you will have the opportunity to release anything that isn't aligning with the life you want to live.  It will provide you with an opportunity to clear out any stuck emotions and release any built up stress and trauma from your body.

    You'll be supported to go deep and let go of anything thats holding you back.  When we release stuck energy, it gives us the opportunity to make room for a new you, it allows you to reclaim who you are, connecting you back to your true self, to allow the space for personal transformation, the space to create your vision and your purpose.  


    - It helps to clear stagnant energy and release stress from your body

    - It resets and rebalances the nervous system

    - It helps you to release suppressed emotions and stress from the past so that you can let go of the past and move forward

    - It helps you to access your intuition 

    - It helps you to connect with your purpose and visions 

    - It helps you to shift old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you 

    - It helps you to connect in with your inner wisdom and heart 

    - It allows you to experience more gratitude 

    - It helps you to feel more empowered 


    This is event will include a guided breathwork journey, supported by somatic bodywork and the opportunity to connect with your visions. The event will run as follows: 

    1. Opening Meditation, connection activity and introduction to breathwork

    2. Transformational Breathwork Journey using different breathing techniques and somatic bodywork (1 hour duration)

    3. Visioning exercise to anchor your insights and bring your visions to life

    4. Sharing circle (optional) 


    Yoga Mat, water, journal, pen, blanket and an open mind 


    Pregnancy, epilepsy, recent surgery, cardiovascular problems, heavy medications that may impact your breathing experience. 


    Shane Haselhurst

    Hi I'm Shane and I’m honored to assist Zoe in guiding you through the profound journey of self-healing with breathwork. Drawing from my own experiences as a breathwork participant, I’ve come to deeply appreciate the transformative power of the breath in unlocking our innate capacity for healing. Together with Zoe, we’re committed to creating a safe and supportive space where you can feel empowered to explore and release. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey of self-exploration, letting go of what no longer serves us and embracing the boundless potential within.

    Shane Hamilton

    Shane Hamilton is a Personal Trainer, NLP coach, and currently undertaking study to become a Counsellor and Yoga Teacher. Shane has a passion for helping others and inspiring people to believe in themselves.
    Shane has been a client of Breathwork for the past 8 months and has experienced some huge personal transformations. Shane is looking forward to supporting you through your Breathwork journey and helping to create a safe supportive space.


    Zoe is a Breathwork Coach, Consciousness coach, Yoga Teacher and ex nurse who is passionate about teaching people holistic methods to find more joy, empowerment and balance in their lives.  Zoe's mission is to help people to heal and grow so that they can become the best versions of themselves.  Zoe believes health is created from the inside out, and her programs guide people on a journey of self-empowerment and self-worth. 

    During Zoe's breathwork sessions she creates a supportive environment for people to go on an inner journey, and make transformations on a mental, emotional and physical level. 


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