Event: Twenty10 Talks: Looking after our trans and gender diverse youth

General information

Travel instructions

Bus: the closest stop is Cleveland St at Balfour St. Bus stop number 200824. We are 650 metres from the University of Technology Sydney, Broadway. Bus stop number 200723. Train: we are 900 metres southwest on Lee St and Regent St from Central station, or 700 metres north on Regent St and Cleveland St from Redfern station. Car: there is 2 hour metered parking on Chippen St.

Entry instructions

Entry is on level 1 - up the stairs or via the lift at 45 Chippen St. To get to the lift you need to go through 2 doorways, the first is 85cm wide, and the second is a closed fire door that opens towards you and is 81cm wide. The entry to the lift is 88cm wide. The lift is 137cm deep and 135cm wide. The entrance to the Twenty10 suite from the lift is 81cm wide.

After entry instructions

You will be directed by a volunteer to the correct area.


There is a small lip and cracked tiles at the front entryway into the building. There are no Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) to mark the change in level into the building. There are 2 doors to access the lift. The main entrance and internal doorway into the building may not be wide enough for larger wheelchairs. The elevator buttons on the outside and inside of the elevator (including the emergency stop and open door buttons) are located high. The lift is not level when exiting onto Twenty10's floor.

Toilet location

You will be directed to toilets by the staff member. All toilets are unisex. There are single stall (non-accessible) toilets, one accessible toilet, and one larger singular (non-accessible) toilet.

Accessible parking

There is no dedicated accessible parking.