Event: Vintage Market Days® St. Louis presents "Come Together"

General information

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Travel instructions

Vintage Market Days® is located on the corner of Lake St. Louis Blvd and Highway N.

Entry instructions

Turn onto Orf Rd to access ALL parking! We have a large free parking area managed by our parking attendants. We have paid parking ($5) that's closer to the entrance. We also have a whole exclusive parking lot for handicap parking spaces with an exclusive entrance that's a short walk. For our customers who park in free parking, we have a separate entrance that is nearby, however we still recommend wearing comfy shoes since you'll be walking around the event!

After entry instructions

If you enter through the Handicap parking entrance- our front gate staff will be standing right there in the entry way! If you enter through the Paid/Free parking entrance, you'll turn into the stable hallway and get in the correct line (pre-purchase tickets or Pay at the Gate)- our front gate staff will scan your tickets or help you with cash/card. Once you're in, you can visit our merch station or sign up for giveaways! We have over 120 vendors taking up over 300 both spaces so we recommend going through the event multiple times. You will find something different each time! Wear comfy closed toed shoes! Our food court is outside, take a selfie at our photo booth before you leave for re-entry all weekend!


The floor is made of a special type of dirt. It is fiber footing mixed with sand and it will be packed down by machines each day to keep it sturdy and dust free. It may be more difficult to wheel a wheelchair around without someone pushing you. There are certain areas (such as the bleachers) that can't be accessed without stepping up. If you have mobility issues, we recommend bringing a friend with you to help navigate the areas of the floor that are uneven. Please email us if you have concerns and we can give you more details!

Toilet location

We have restrooms indoors that are in the southwest corner of the venue.

Accessible parking

Handicap Parking is available. Turn onto Orf Road and then turn right into the gravel parking lot. Our parking lot attendants can guide you to handicap parking. Signage is also clearly visible

Loading Zone

The Loading Zone is located near the horse stall barns. Signage is clearly visible.

Pre- Purchased Ticket Holders

The first 25 pre-purchased ticket holders in line each day get a VMD tote full of goodies!! One tote per customer per event.

Only Service Dogs Allowed

Service dogs are welcome, but we ask that you leave your pets at home.

Bag Check

We have a small item/bag check station available for you to hold items while you shop. This service is available with a donation to our wonderful non-profit Stray Paws Rescue who will be running the booth.

Shoe Recommendation

Our floor is a special sand/dirt material and can be dusty. We would recommend wearing comfortable, closed toed shoes that you don't mind getting a little dirty!


The following accessibility features are provided at the event

Wheelchair accessibility