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Farm Smarter, Not Harder: Your Journey to Sustainable Farming Success

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Embark on Your Regenerative Journey Today

This unique program dives deep into the world of regenerative agriculture, showcasing how it can significantly improve soil fertility, optimise production yields, reduce input costs and strengthen the overall resilience of your farm and business. Learn principles and implement practices from respected industry experts and experienced farmers who have reaped the rewards of regenerative farming, and gain the knowledge and tools to take your farm's productivity to new heights.

Are You Facing These Farming Challenges?

  • Is your soil health declining, affecting your crop yields,  fertility and overall farm vitality?  Conventional farming practices may be taking a toll on your land, leading to degraded soil health and reduced productivity.
  • Do you feel the pressure to adopt more sustainable farming practices? Environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important, and you may be seeking ways to minimise your environmental impact and ensure the long-term health of your farm's ecosystem.
  • Are financial pressures weighing you down (or) keeping you up at night?  Rising input costs, fluctuating market prices, and economic challenges can make it difficult to achieve financial sustainability in your farming operations.
  • Are you struggling to access the knowledge and education you need?  The lack of comprehensive, consolidated and practical knowledge about regenerative agriculture techniques may be hindering your ability to implement sustainable and more productive practices effectively. 
  • Are you hesitant to embrace change in your farming methods? Transitioning from conventional farming to regenerative practices doesn’t have to be something to fear and when done with support, mentoring and access to the knowledge of others will strengthen your confidence to make the changes you what to make
  • Are you unclear as to the future direction of and vision for your farm business and associated family and personal goals? Setting a clear plan for the future of your farm is essential to achieve financial, production, environmental and personal goals for the business.

Unlock the Solutions to Your Farming Challenges

  • Revitalise Your Soil: Our course equips farmers with a foundational understanding of soil regeneration techniques. Discover practical guidance on where to start in your soil restoration journey, building soil health, enhancing fertility, and re-establishing the natural balance of your ecosystem. Unlock the power to improve the biology, and build the carbon levels in your soil. 
  • Embrace Regenerative Farming Strategies: Learn a range of regenerative farming strategies that will transform your practices. From integrated livestock management to pasture biodiversity, animal and human health to decision-making and goal setting, these strategies restore ecosystem functions and enhance sustainability. Harness the potential of regenerative agriculture to create a resilient, healthy and thriving farm.
  • Optimize Financial Performance with Expert Financial Planning: Gain valuable insights into financial planning and management specifically tailored to regenerative agriculture. Discover how to optimise your financial performance, reduce input costs, and improve overall farm profitability. Take control of your finances and pave the way to a more prosperous farming future.
  • Turn Knowledge into Action with Practical Implementation Guidance: Our course provides hands-on, practical guidance on implementing regenerative practices on your farm. Overcome challenges and seamlessly integrate regenerative techniques into your existing farming systems by gaining the confidence to make real changes.
  • Join a Supportive Community of Like-Minded Farmers: Engage with a progressive community of farmers on this transformative journey. Connect with peers, share experiences, and learn from one another's successes and challenges. This network provides ongoing support, inspiration, and encouragement, ensuring you never feel alone in your regenerative journey.

Program Outline 

16 Aug | Nicole Masters - Soil Health

Gain the knowledge and tools to improve soil health, make informed decisions, and achieve faster progress towards your farming goals.

23 Aug | Katie Zerner - Visions and Goals

Discover the keys to creating a clear vision, setting meaningful goals, and cultivating a sense of purpose, empowering you to lead a fulfilling life and embark on a successful regenerative farming journey.

30 Aug | Stuart Andrews - Landscape Function

Acquire the knowledge and skills to understand and harness the natural functioning of your landscape using Natural Sequence Farming, leading to improved productivity and restored ecological balance on your farm.

6 Sept | Dr Cherie Gooding - Animal Health

Learn effective strategies to identify and address health, well-being, and productivity issues in farm animals by understanding the interconnectedness between animal, soil, plant, and human health.

13 Sept | Cyndi O’Meara - Human Health

Understand the link between food quality and human health, both physical and mental, and the potential to improve overall well-being through sourcing clean nutritious food from farms practicing regenerative methods.

20 Sept | Kim Deans - Holistic Farm Finance

Gain a holistic understanding of profit, transform your relationship with money, and learn the three essential financial health indicators to confidently control and manage the financial resources in your farming business.

27 Sept |Brian Wehlburg - Grazing Management

Discover how implementing holistic grazing techniques can restore ecosystems, improve soil health, and enhance livestock productivity for a sustainable and thriving farming operation.

4 Oct | Panel Discussion - Implementing Regenerative Practices: Lessons from the Paddock

This panel discussion will explore the experiences of farmers who have successfully built resilient farming businesses and restored ecosystems on their farms through regenerative practices. The panellists will discuss their successes, challenges, and lessons learned along the way for enhancing biodiversity, transitioning from conventional farming, adapting regenerative techniques to their farm, overcoming resistance to change, and managing the initial hurdles of implementation They will share their stories of how regenerative agriculture has contributed to the overall health and resilience of their farms and surrounding ecosystems.

Add on + Farm Event - taking place on Hanaminno, Boorowa NSW
Friday 13 October

Welcome to our incredible on-farm event that promises to be a game-changer for your farming journey. Get ready to be inspired and learn from a lineup of esteemed guest speakers who are at the forefront of regenerative practices.

Get ready to be inspired by, learn from and mingle with a few of our esteemed guest speakers. We are thrilled to announce the confirmed attendance of Dr. Cherie Gooding, Katie Zerner, and Stuart Andrews, each bringing their unique expertise and insights to the table. In addition, Hamish Mackay will deliver an engaging Biodynamics presentation, uncovering the power of this transformative practice and Stuart Andrews will also be demonstrating the principles of Natural Sequence Farming.

As part of this immersive experience, we have arranged a delightful lunch featuring Charlie's exceptional meat and produce from Hanaminno and the Hilltops Region. You'll not only indulge in a delicious meal but also witness a captivating butchery demonstration, highlighting the importance of reconnecting with the source of your food.

Don't miss out on this transformative experience that combines:

  • expert knowledge,
  • hands-on demonstrations, and
  • the chance to connect with fellow farmers passionate about regenerative agriculture.

Secure your spot today and be part of a community dedicated to creating a positive impact on the land and our future.

Bring a Plus 1

We have opened up the opportunity for you to bring a Plus one! Whether it's your spouse, partner, or even your farm manager, you can now share this incredible experience with someone who is also on this journey.

We have 50 places available for the Farm Event, so grab your tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable day of learning and connection.

Please note that as this is an on-farm event, there are restrictions around mobility access.  Unfortunately, we do not have wheelchair access.  You will be required to walk around fields and paddocks and we ask that appropriate clothing and footwear are worn.  

Ticket Prices

Early Bird Webinar Series: $450 + GST = $495  (ending 31 July)

Early Bird Webinar Series + Farm Event x1 ticket = $600 + GST = $660  (ending 31 July)

Early Bird Webinar Series + Farm Event x2 tickets = $750 + GST = $825  (ending 31 July)

Full Price Webinar Series: $550 + GST = $605 (starting 31 July) 

Full Price Webinar Series + Farm Event x1 ticket $700 + GST = $770 (starting 31 July) 

Full Price Webinar Series + Farm Event x2 tickets $850 + GST = $935 (starting 31 July) 

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