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Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop with Scott Townsend 28/7/24

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Empower yourself to be the happiest, strongest, and healthiest human you can be.

Pioneered by Wim Hof who has 26 world records for being awesome, the Wim Hof Method has 10 years of scientific research backing how extra-ordinary it is.

Discover how your breathing influences your direct experience of life. Feel how your brain, heart, and body are all influenced through your breath.

Who’s this for:
  • Anyone who’s looking to improve and bring more awareness to any aspect of their life
  • People who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental challenges
  • Anyone seeking further clarity, focus, and fulfillment
  • Those looking to increase their physical performance, body awareness, and recovery
  • People who are looking to improve their health and quality of life
  • Anyone wanting to boost their happiness and find a sense of calm

“I had some awareness of breath beforehand, the workshop surprised me in the power of the breathing exercises that I had not experienced before. I enjoyed the relaxed state of the presenter and the change of my state from stressed to relaxed.” - Stacey K

Benefits of the Wim Hof Method:
  • It feels fantastic
  • It enhances life, making everything more awesome
  • Reduces stress and anxiety instantly
  • Increases your focus and clarity
  • It’s a legal natural high - it’s organic don’t panic
  • Boosts your happiness
  • Heightens your awareness
  • Improves your health (cardiovascular, immune, and nervous system)
  • Speed up your fat loss and metabolism
  • Makes your skin more youthful, elastic, and reduces cellulite
  • Suffer from fewer headaches, flus, and viruses
  • Reduces arthritic pain
  • Increases your energy, performance, and recovery
  • Helps you sleep better

“I was on the verge of a full-blown crisis. I feel really easy going and now I’m laughing at all the things that have been bothering me over the last three months.” — Talia H

The workshop will cover:
  • The Wim Hof and other breathing techniques
  • Extreme cold (ice bath) exposure
  • Theoretical and scientific knowledge about the method
  • Everything’s backed by solid science, there’s nothing herbal, or woo-woo involved

“Awesome, exceeded my expectations. I liked the scientific perspective, that resonates with me. The exercises are simple and easy to incorporate into my day. I’m definitely seeing benefits already.” - James N

    Who’s Scott?

    Scott is one of NZ’s most qualified breathwork facilitators with years of real-world experience. He’s a certified Wim Hof, Oxygen Advantage, HeartMath, and Buteyko Breathing Technique instructor.

    He’s passionate about empowering you with simple tools that are right under your nose that’ll benefit you over a lifetime.

    "Scott has some real calm and depth to him." - Wim Hof

    “After working with Scott, life is now breathing around me.” - Sal Hejaz

    What to bring:

    • A bite to eat if you’d like, but eat light (or not at all) before the workshop
    • A yoga mat (if you have one)
    • A notepad and a pen
    • Swimwear and towel
    • Wear clothes that are comfortable and warm
    • A blanket & eyemask (optional but recommended)


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