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    Winter Solstice * Full Moon Breath + Sound - Burleigh

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    Embrace the Transformative Power of the Winter Solstice & Full Moon Breath + Sound

    Join us for a magical 90-minute journey of breathwork + sound healing, perfectly timed to align with the potent energies of the winter solstice and the full moon. This unique event offers a rare opportunity to reflect, release, and set new intentions.

    What to Expect:
    1. Welcome & Intention Setting
    Begin your journey with a moment to set personal intentions. Learn about the significance of the winter solstice—a time of deep reflection and renewal—and the full moon, which symbolises completion and release.

    2. Grounding & Centreing
    Ease into the session with a guided meditation designed to ground and centre you, connecting deeply with the earth's energy. Experience the calming effect of breath awareness, preparing your mind and body for deeper work.

    3. Breathwork + Sound Healing
    Dive into a transformative breathwork session. You'll be guided to release old patterns and make space for new beginnings while being immersed in a sound bath, where the healing vibrations will wash over you. This soundscape promotes profound relaxation and helps integrate the breathwork experience.

    4. Closing & Integration
    Conclude your journey with a guided reflection and gratitude practice, allowing you to absorb and integrate the evening's experiences. Optional sharing provides a space to connect and support each other.

    Why Attend?
    🌝 Harness Powerful Energies: Align with the winter solstice and full moon for a heightened experience of reflection and transformation.
    🌝 Deep Relaxation: Experience profound relaxation and stress relief through breathwork and sound healing.
    🌝 Set Intentions: Clear out the old and welcome the new with powerful intention-setting practices.
    🌝 Community Connection: Share this transformative experience with a supportive community.

    Early Bird Special! Book your tickets soon to receive a special discounted rate! 

    Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to harness the potent energies of the winter solstice and full moon. 

    Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today!

    We can’t wait to see you there 

    <3 x

    Sam & Jamie

    What to expect:

    There is no previous experience in breathwork required, the day will bring benefits to all who participate

    A window of self discovery and deep personal healing and growth

    A safe, inclusive and supportive environment

    A community of kindred spirits


    What to bring:

    An open mind

    Comfortable clothing

    Yoga mat if you prefer your own (there are ones already supplied)

    Cushion/Pillow if you prefer your own (there are ones already supplied)

    Blanket if you prefer your own (there are ones already supplied)

    Eye mask if you feel called

    Journal or note book 

    Water bottle 


    Ox-Gen Breathwork: Journeying Within for Transformation

    Ox-Gen Breathwork is a unique and transformative holistic therapy practice. It is an empowering form of personal therapy, allowing you to release outdated programming, move beyond limiting beliefs, dissolve old patterns on a mental, physical and cellular level within the body, mind and spirit. It helps provide alignment on both a cellular and celestial level. This can assist in the profound release of trauma, the processing and accessing of memory, and the regulation of the nervous system, ultimately guiding you to a natural state of peace.

    We understand that every cell in the human body has a receptor for sound. The practice utilises a specific combination of frequency-specific music to communicate with every cell and fibre of your being. This interaction can create a powerful and aligned healing experience.The combination of breath and sound in Ox-Gen Breathwork provides a resonance system for the soul to communicate through. This allows for the release of trauma and facilitates deep cellular remembering, reconnecting you with parts of yourself that you may have forgotten. 

    In the words of Dr. Andrew Weil, "Breathwork is the most essential component to transforming consciousness," and Ox-Gen Breathwork embraces this philosophy, guiding individuals on a path of self-discovery and healing.

    Through the power of connecting breath with specific sound and frequency you will activate your natural capacity for healing and gently let go of what no longer serves you.

    Ox-Gen Breathwork stands out as a therapy like no other, offering a profound & transformative journey within.


    Your facilitators:

    BREATH - Sam is an Ox-Gen Breath Facilitator & has also completed her fundamentals of Reiki healing. Her journey into self-development and holistic well-being led her to the transformative power of breathwork, and she felt a calling to become an Ox-Gen breathwork facilitator.
    With a firm belief that everything we need for a fulfilling life lies within us, Sam is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their inner magic. Her mission is to guide others on their path to self-discovery and personal growth through the art of breathwork.

    Sam is currently studying Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology (NLK): By combining NLP and kinesiology, NLK aims to address both the psychological & physical aspects of well-being. Practitioners in NLK may use techniques from NLP to work on thought patterns, beliefs, & communication styles, while incorporating kinesiology methods to identify & correct imbalances in the body's energy system. This integrative approach seeks to promote harmony between the mind and body, fostering holistic health & personal growth.

    In addition to her work as a breath facilitator, Sam is passionate about the world of Chinese medicine & gut health.

    Instagram: @OxGenBreathSK


    SOUND - Jamie Belso is a passionate sound healer and a versatile multi-instrumentalist musician. With a profound focus on creating healing vibrations, Jamie utilises a diverse array of instruments, including the 

    💙 Yidaki (Didgeridoo), 

    💙 Crystal Singing Bowls, 

    💙 Medicine Drum, 

    💙 Tanpura Swarmandal, 

    💙 Steel Tongue Drum, 

    💙 Native American Flute, 

    💙 Ocean Drum, 

    💙 Chimes, 

    💙 Rattles, 

    💙 and his own resonant voice. 

    Creating a sacred and secure environment, Jamie guides toward your innate healing abilities through the synergistic blend of Sound Healing, Breathwork, and Meditation. His mission is to usher you into profound states of relaxation, harmonising mind, body, and soul for an experience of ultimate serenity and bliss

    Instagram: @jamiebelso


    Review from previous Breath + Sound event

    “I’m a long-term breather and know Ox-Gen Breath movement well, it’s such a deeply transformational form of breathwork. Combined with the intuitive sound healing from Jamie it is such a unique experience. I received a lot of downloads and clarity in areas of my life I have felt blocked for a long time. I walked away completely revitalised. My nervous system dropped from a state of hyperarousal to one of rest and digest. I slept for 10 hours afterwards and woke up the next day feeling born a new. If you’re feeling a bit stuck and/or looking for some deep healing I highly recommend this beautiful experience. Jamie and Sami hold the space so graciously and attentively it’s like a personalised 1:1 experience.“ Kate S


    Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability:

    This work is a very powerful experiential tool for accessing your inner healer and can greatly intensify your transformational process. Because the process brings up and releases stuck emotions and strong physical experience, this work is NOT suitable if you suffer the following conditions:

    Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Pregnancy, recent surgery, Currently taking medication for major mental health issues-psychosis, major depression, bipolar disorder.

    If you suffer from asthma, please bring your inhaler with you.

    If you are concerned about physical limitations on whether you can do this please get in touch to discuss.

    Strictly NO Drugs or Alcohol to be taken before. This is a drug-free event.

    In purchasing the ticket you acknowledge you have read and agree to this waiver of liability.

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