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Workplace Violence Training

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How to Handle Workplace Violence
Is your workplace experiencing violence? Do you want to improve the team's performance and tackle this sensitive topic? You can customize this session to meet your specific needs. Training in workplace violence is a simple way to address harassment and violence issues. This training session can be used to provide a solid foundation in workplace violence. This topic can be delivered with powerful case studies and examples so that your team understands it before it occurs in the workplace.

Harassment in the Workplace and Violence are unacceptable behaviors that we see often in our workplace. It should be reported. Recognise workplace violence and how it affects your life. Also, learn what you can do to stop it from happening in your workplace. We can provide information to your team about the code of conduct in your workplace. Additionally, we can help individuals become more aware and speak when necessary.

Results of Workplace Violence

Learn the Difference Between Workplace Violence & Harassment

Many workplaces are experiencing harassment and workplace violence today. Participants will be able to identify and solve workplace violence and harassment by understanding what it is. The trainer will discuss the session's objectives and gather current knowledge from participants.

Learn the benefits of Harassment Training

Participants are invited to engage in a discussion with the trainer about the potential benefits of harassment training. This helps to build trust and a positive attitude towards the next training.

If they are harassed, or accused of harassment, take action

Participants can experience a scenario in the training environment by participating in an activity. Participants are asked to describe how they felt about the activity and what their reactions were to it. Participants are able to view things differently, which helps them to learn more from the experience.

Learn how to understand the complaints process from the initial complaint through the reply to the mediation or investigation to finding a solution

To help employees understand the steps and the actions required to resolve a problem professionally and effectively, we provide the complete complaint process.

Recognize situations in which mediation may be appropriate and learn how mediation works in these situations

We give some examples of workplace issues and ask participants where mediation might be useful.

Find the Right Solutions to Harassment Incidents

Additional solutions are available to address harassment cases. Participants can choose the right tool for their situation by offering more than one solution.

If a complaint is false, you can take action

What should you do if the complaint is false? Do you ignore? If the complaint is not true, we can offer professional advice.

Help the victim's workplace return to normal after a harassment incident

It can be difficult to return to work after an incident. We offer tips and advice to help participants return to work after being harassed.

Some warning signs that violence is imminent

There are warning signs that violence is imminent. These signals can be identified and prevented by being proactive.

Understanding the cycle of anger

A session will be given by our trainer on dealing with anger. The trainer will also show you how to break the cycle of anger.

A seven-step approach to managing anger in the home and around others

These seven steps will help you not only deal with your anger but also with other people.

Improve your communication and problem solving skills to reduce frustration and anger

This session is added to the existing skill set of participants. This is a favorite with employees.

Learn Other Methods to Manage Anger, including Coping Thoughts or Relaxation Techniques

Participants who require additional control and management skills in dealing with anger or stress. Our professional trainer will give you more tips and advice.

Tailored Training Available

We offer training in Stress Management, Workplace Health and Harassment. We can include any of these modules in your training session. You can choose any module and make your own customized session. The workbook and materials will be more relevant if the content is created by our editing team.

Find out why Paramount Training offers an IMPACT training program and how we can make something for you. Our team is here to assist. Training is created and customized in Darwin, Perth Adelaide, Melbourne, Parramatta. Canberra, Brisbane. Gold Coast. Sydney

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