Event: Tour: 'Yeribee' Indigenous Experiences of Parliament House 2024

General information

Travel instructions

Bus: The two closest bus stops are on Federation Mall. From there, it is a 200 metre walk across the Forecourt to the Main Front entrance of Australian Parliament House. Hazards on the Forecourt include a water feature surrounded by bushes, loose red gravel, bollards and occasionally, barriers surrounding maintenance work areas. Car: The public car park is located underground at the north - eastern side of the building, follow the blue parking signs once on Parliament Drive. From the car park, there is a ramp up to a corridor with public bathrooms. Once past the bathrooms there is a flight of stairs on the left and a lift on the right, these take visitors to the 'Great Verandah' and the Main Front entrance.

Entry instructions

To enter Australian Parliament House visitors will go through a security screening process like at the airport. Visitors with pacemakers and other medical devices should inform Security Officers before passing though the magnetometers. There are always male and female security officers to use the hand wand metal detector, if needed. Visitors with prams will need to take the child out of the pram and put the pram through the conveyer belt screener. Parents walk through the magnetometer with the child in their arms. There are some flashing lights, and it can be busy and noisy in the security screening area.

After entry instructions

After entering Australian Parliament House, for tour registration, locate the Visitor Information Desk on the left-hand side of the Marble Foyer (immediately after the Main Front doors). The meeting place for the tour will be located on the first floor. Visitors can access the first floor by using one of the Marble Staircases or lifts in the Marble Foyer.


Most of the visitor attraction areas of Australian Parliament House are on the first floor, accessible by stairs or lifts on both sides of the Marble Foyer. There are a variety of floor coverings including polished stone, timber and carpet. The carpet is thick in some areas and can make using a wheelchair or walker more challenging.

Toilet location

There are multiple accessible bathrooms in the public areas, and there is an adult-hoist change facility bathroom adjacent to the Post Office. There are two parents’ rooms in the public areas, one is near the entrance to the Queens Terrace Café, the other on the eastern side of the building on level one.

Accessible parking

The row of visitor parking closest to the visitor car park entrance ramp are designated for accessible parking.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs and other assistance animals accompanied by their handler are welcome in the public areas.