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    《幸彤在監獄》放映會暨「維園精神與離散港人」座談會 - 黃金海岸場. “She’s in Jail” documentary screening in the Gold Coast.

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    出品人 :亞洲公共圈



    協辦團體: 澳港聯 (Australia-Hong Kong Link)


    日期: 2024年6月9日星期日

    時間: 下午二時半至五時半

    地點: Southport Community Centre, 6 Lawson Street, Southport, Conference room


    1. 電影原聲: 廣東話及外語;中英文字幕。
    2. 活動全長約三小時,包括紀錄片放映時間104分鐘,映後「維園精神與離散港人」座談會約一小時(以香港廣東話進行)。出席座談會的嘉賓包括親身參與香港民主運動的老中青三代。 出席的嘉賓包括:
      1. *黃震遐 (太平山學會創會主席及前立法局議員)

        *陳樂恆 (港語學創辦人兼維園居民)

        *潘麗貞 (澳港聯主席)#

        *林慕蓮 (墨爾本大學副教授兼《香港不屈》作者)#

        *主持人: 黎廣德 (公共專業聯盟創會主席及公民黨創會成員)

        # 潘麗貞與林慕蓮兩位將會從墨爾本以連線形式出席座談會







    鄒幸彤,⾹港⼤律師,勞⼯和⺠主運動倡議者,⾹港市⺠⽀援愛國⺠主運動聯合會(以下簡稱「⽀ 聯會」)副主席。2020年6⽉31⽇晚上11時⾹港政府發布並⽴即實施了國家安全法。這是對⾹港⺠間社會、⼈權和法治實⾏毀滅性打壓。鄒幸彤以及⽀聯會成為主要⽬標之⼀,結果她和⽀聯會的其他領導⼈被捕⼊獄。⾃1990年成⽴以來,⽀聯會被迫停⽌運作。

    2021年⾄今,鄒幸彤因其⽀聯會以及六四紀念活動的的領導地位⽽多次被捕。2021年9⽉⼊獄以來,鄒以及另⼀位⼈權律師何俊仁、李卓⼈(⽀聯會現任和前任主席),被起訴顛覆國家罪。截⾄ 2024年2⽉,他們仍被監禁,審判未期。





    Producer: Asian Commons
    Publisher: The 29 Principles

    Organiser: Metaverse Hong Kong (MVHK)

    Co-organiser: Australia-Hong Kong Link (AHKL)

    The film:

    Audio: Cantonese and other languages

    Subtitles: English and traditional Chinese

    Duration: 104 minutes

    A discussion in Cantonese with invited speakers will follow each screening.

    "She's in Jail" trailer:
    Support the future campaigns with The Asian Commons and The 29 Principles:

    “She’s in Jail” film synopsis:

    Chow Hang Tung, a Hong Kong barrister, labour and democratic movement activist, vice-chairperson of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China ("the Hong Kong Alliance"). The Hong Kong National Security Law was promulgated at 2300 hours on 31 June 2020 by China and implemented with immediate effect. It was a devastating clampdown on the civil society, human rights and rule of law of Hong Kong. Chow Hang Tung as well as the Hong Kong Alliance has become one of the major targets, in consequence she and the other leaders of the Hong Kong Alliance were arrested and later incarcerated. The Hong Kong Alliance after 30 years since founded in 1990 has been forced to shut down.

    Since 2021, Chow Hang Tung was repeatedly arrested due to her Hong Kong Alliance leadership as well as June-4 commemorative activities. Since her incarceration in September 2021, she together with Albert Ho Chun Yan and Lee Cheuk Yan (current and former chairpersons) has been indicted for subversion of the state of China under the Chinese constitution. Until February 2024, their incarceration continues without a trial date in sight.

    Chow Hang Tung was awarded 5 international human rights prizes in the year of 2023 in recognition of her steadfast spirit and sacrifice in safeguarding democracy and human rights of Hong Kong and China.

    This documentary film begins at around 7 a.m. in the morning on 8 September 2021, moments before the police broke into her chambers to arrest her, followed by interview and narrations of many of her friends and comrades in Hong Kong and abroad about her personal history, also some pieces of her participation in the democratic and civic liberty campaigns. In the time when China ruthlessly clamps down on a jurisdiction having had a previously recognised rule of law and human rights, Chow Hang Tung, a Hong Kong democratic campaigner, stands up to suppression with unparalleled courage, continues to battle despotism, enkindles the hope of democracy, human rights and rule of law.

    This documentary film is dedicated to Chow Hang Tung and the campaign she represents.

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