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1.5 hour Oz Para Expo Ghost Hunt - Parramatta Gaol - 7/10/23

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Event description

This event is run in conjunction with the Oz Para Expo.

This event runs for 1.5 hours, from 7:30pm until 9pm.

Embark on an immersive journey into the spectral realm with our Interactive Ghost Tour at the historic Old Parramatta Gaol. Over the course of 1.5 hours, we invite you to delve into the fundamental tools of paranormal investigation. As we gather, participants will be organised into three to four distinct groups, each taking turns to explore designated areas teeming with supernatural energy.

Equip yourselves with an array of ghost-hunting instruments including:
- EMF meters
- Dowsing rods
- Ouija wheels
- Portals
- Ghost boxes
- Various other handheld devices

With a rich tapestry of nearly two centuries worth of tales, this somber penitentiary, erected in 1837, stands as one of the nation's oldest extant prisons. Its grim ambiance sets the stage for an encounter with history's spectral remnants.

Historical Background:

The venerable Parramatta Gaol bore witness to the incarceration of countless convicts from its inception. Initially inaugurated as a place of confinement, it swiftly transformed into a haven for those condemned by society.

Throughout the 19th Century, this penitentiary accommodated both men and women, serving as an auxiliary for inmates originating from Cumberland Asylum or those classified as criminally insane.

Amidst the upheaval of the First World War, the penitentiary's role shifted as the mantle was taken up by Cumberland Asylum, with the majority of Australian men stationed overseas to partake in the global conflict.

The reins of normalcy were reclaimed in 1922, marking the onset of an era where the facility became a bustling industrial prison, deeply intertwined with the socio-economic landscape.

In a poignant conclusion, the prison gates swung shut for the last time in 2011, ushering an end to its enduring legacy.

Ghosts and Spirits

There have been many reports of ghostly figures sighted at this imposing location, however due to the many deaths and harsh treatment suffered by Men Women and even Children here; this should come as no surprise.

People are frequently grabbed, whispered to, have their hair pulled or their bottoms grabbed. It has had some intense doppelganger audio phenomena and full bodied apparitions have been sighted. You may also hear somebody walking behind you, only to realise you're the last person into a wing...

Parramatta Gaol is truly one of the most foreboding and terrifying buildings that you will ever see, with a past so gruesome inside this incredibly haunted building, who knows what the night ahead may have in store in for you!

  • The price of this tour includes an intimate evening at the gaol, vigils in the wings to excite and delight, and (generally) free time to explore at the conclusion of the official event
  • Unfortunately we can't offer catering so please bring a bottle of water, should you need it
  • No refunds or exchanges can be given for this tour. 
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