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兩杯奶茶 | Mission: Blind Dates Season 4

Event description

You're invited to participate and your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves completing 1-on-1 hang outs with a new friend (or acquaintance) every month.

🕵🏻 Mission Period

2024.03 - 2024.6

💑 Who is qualified?

- If you are single, and
- If you live in the 【SF Bay Area】/ 【Greater LA Metro Area】/【NYC】
- If you’re cool to 1-on-1 hang out with new friends (and possibly with acquaintances)
- Organizers reserve the right to review and admit/reject participants

💘 How does it work?
1) Once selected, candidates are randomly drawn each month and you will be paired with one partner
- Girls have up to 3 exclusions (must list them at time of sign-up)
2) You and your partner will be added to an exclusive Facebook Messenger group
3) Together you and your partner have to complete the following monthly mission:
- Hang out twice within that month
- Each hang out should last for at least one hour
- You must take a selfie for each hang out and the picture of "Drinks" as proof (kept in the group ONLY)
4)  After this event concludes, we will compile data to determine which is the hottest beverage spot in the Bay Area!
5) The organizers will review your mission photos and determine whether your mission has completed or failed for that month.  Only if you successfully complete all/4 missions will you qualify for the deposit refund ($25) at the end of the season.

🎟 How do I sign up?
1) Fill out and submit this form
2) If your sign-up is approved, pay a one time fee ($60 for guys | $40 for girls) to the organizers to join (with $25 refundable security deposit when you complete all/4 monthly missions)

⚠️ Notes:
- Be respectful to your date - If you get reported, you’re OUT

This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds... or not

歡迎你參加 Mission: Blind Dates (M:BD) 兩杯奶茶任務 - 第四季!有鑑於台灣人在約會軟體上不好遇到,好不容易配對成功後又得透過文字聊天才有機會約出來見面,錯失了不少良緣。現在《矽谷月老》與《DateLab 約會製造™》攜手合作,要幫忙解決台灣人在美國的見面障礙!

M:BD 兩杯奶茶任務 - 第四季:2024.03 - 2024.6

你的任務,如果你選擇接受,將於每個月與隨機配對的單身朋友一起完成2杯奶茶單獨私約任務的挑戰 !

🕵🏻 任務期間

2024.03 - 2024.6

💑 參加資格
- 主辦人推薦參加的朋友或被推薦參加朋友的朋友們
- 不排斥跟新朋友或見過面的朋友單獨私約
- 主辦人保留審核權
- 限單身- 居住地 【SF Bay Area】/ 【Greater LA Metro Area】/【NYC】

💘 如何進行
1) 每個月由主辦人進行隨意抽籤配對,妳/你會得到一位約會對象
- 女生可在報名時列 (最多3位) 排除名單,之後便不會抽到排除名單上的人選
2) 主辦人將被抽到當事人加到專屬的 Facebook Messenger 群組 (只有雙方和主辦人方便追蹤約會進度)
3) 與隨機安排約會對象一個月內須單獨私約 2 次至各地任何飲料店,每次任務除了提供雙方合照1張外,也請拍下飲料的照片   (照片只會有主辦跟當事人看到)4)  本次活動結束後,我們將統計各地最夯的飲料店是哪一家哦😍
5) 主辦人會審查任務紀錄並認定任務成功或失敗,只有成功完成整季/4次任務的參賽者才能退還完整押金  (依照當月報名狀況,有可能會on benched喔)

🎟 如何報名
1) 填完此 google form 並提交
2) 當你通過審核,請支付 ($60 男生價 | $40 女生價) 以參加此 M:BD 計畫。其中 $25 會於你成功完成整季任務後退還。

⚠️ 注意事項
- 務必尊重你的約會對象,如果被檢舉將被取消資格,且不退還押金
- 貼心小建議: 本次任務為了大家方便完成故選擇「飲料店約會」,如果有其他約會任務亦可選擇自行決定約會任務內容(ex 看電影、看展覽、逛街⋯) 


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