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    A Cosmic Saloon On Neptune's Moon

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     The annual Interplanetary Symposium is happening relatively close to home this year! On Neptune's moon Triton, only about 4.338 billion km away. It's so so near to Earth that we've managed to construct a portal there and you're all invited!


     Come behold the galaxy's finest minds presenting conference papers, the most captivating performers this side of the Andromeda and playfully mind-bending live/electronica acts who'll explain why Triton is known as “the Ibiza of the Milky Way.”


     Even better, it turns out the Icy moon Triton is basically a mix of the Playground stage at Rainbow Serpent and the connected community DIY theatrical events organised by Harley Hefford, soon to depart planet Australia! What a crazy coincidence!


    ++ YOUR ROLE


     Decide upon your home planet, real or fictional, and come meet wonderful beings from all across the universe. The time is ripe to leave the land of Earth for an evening, blast into the stratosphere in a spaceship of old and new friends & indulge in some magic.



     Despite its “tenuous nitrogen atmosphere," the freezing ice moon Triton remains one of the hottest party destinations in the solar system. On 24th May, 2024, a direct portal shall open up from 24 Moons, Northcote, straight to Neptune’s largest moon.



     The Loft above the dance floor promises an intergalactic symposium of ZED-Talks, where visiting aliens explain the customs of their planet. Sign up below and YOU could find yourself delivering 5 mins of straight fire to an appreciative crowd.


    Eight stellar etherial acts, the tentacles of an almighty octopus of evening entertainment, shall helm the interplanetary proceedings for 2024. Pleased to introduce, from across the galaxy:

    Ry&Hyde: Our cosmic deep-dive begins with Ry&Hyde, an open floor DJ from Io, Jupiter's most serene moon. His set blends guided meditation visuals with 'space ibiza' and 'slow rave' tunes, for an atmosphere of presence and cinematic bass. Join a conscious dance, transported to a realm where movement and breath intertwine, guiding you to embody your aliveness with astral grace. Explore Ryan’s precise selection skills at:

    Vulcara: Arriving from the depths of the fungi galaxy in a mushroom-esque spaceship are Vulcara, three avant-pop mossy creatures from Planet Mycelia. Fusing organic samples, new tech & expressive vocals, this e-forest band create an electrifying tapestry of sound. Join Fynn, Finan & Charlie’s sonic journey through landscapes, a technophilic experience like no other. Explore Vulcara’s lush debut EP at:

    Grumbl: From the scorching sands of planet bounce, exploring sonic textures, Grumbl shall bring us an array of Hip Hop, DnB, halftime, Garage and 140 to get booties popping early on. A bag full of the freshest bangers, a relentless motivation to learn and an immense love for music. It's a great combination which has seen him supporting Staunch, Chamberlain, Kodiak Kid, Grouch in dub and other heavyweights. Explore his mixes at:

    Trickbox: Prepare for a truly teleporting voyage with Trickbox, hailing from the mischievous shapeshifting star Zeta Centuri. Using live looping and spontaneous adaptation, Trickbox & friends craft electronic sets that defy convention. With synths, melodicas, and vocal effects, each performance is a unique mandala of sound, embracing the present moment with boundless creativity. Explore glitchy tracks and full festival sets at:

    Evie Faeya: Mesmerize your senses with this dark fae from the Andromeda Galaxy's dark matter cloud. With fire, contortion, and dance, she weaves a spellbinding performance drawing from such modes as ritual theatre, bachata, street, circus and more. From fire palms to silk fans, her fierce beauty will enchant and captivate, leaving you spellbound as the blanket of night sets. Explore visuals of Evie’s previous performances at:

    Ungus Ungus Ungus: Step right up to the celestial circus of Ungus Ungus Ungus, hailing from Saturn's rings, which happen to be the most carnivalesque spot in the Milky Way. Their fusion of vibrant instrumentation and filthy synth bass will have you swirling like those very rings of Saturn. Let’s expand our horizons in a whirlwind of play, chaos and wonder. An act not to be missed. Explore their infectious Ungus spirit at:

    Joey Lightbulb: A good vibes guy whose smile on his face will transmit to smiles on all of our faces as we groove into the 1am of the evening. A self-declared 'fan of the people,' spinner of myriad genres and beloved Melb song-selector for decades, Lightbulb's recent stint as Golden Plains' interstitial DJ propelled him to his current notoriety. Mixes so good, I'm choosing to listen to this one whilst writing this bio:

    Mortisville: Such a treat to have the iconic ensemble of Mortisville, and his mischievous martians zooming over from Planet Mortis for a flamboyant electro-swing extravaganza. From Mortvillia Galaxy direct to our dancefloor, experience the ‘house party at the end of the universe,’ a joyous celebration of vintage remix, originality and jazz. What a way to close the mighty space ride. Explore their magnificent music at:

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