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A Festival of Change - Social Threefolding - Five Creative Days on Sustainable social and Organisational Change

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Our Festival of Change offers five creative days on sustainable social and organisational change

'Where the realm of freedom of thought and action begin, the determination of individuals according to generic laws ends.”
Rudolf Steiner
Social Threefolding is the recognition that three distinct social spheres operate in all human social organisations. Based on this understanding the coordination of the social life processes are not unitarian or centralised by state or leading elite. Instead, these three self-directed, relatively autonomous spheres vertically and horizontally balance and enhance each other: (1) cultural-spiritual life empowers and upholds unassailable freedom, individuality and creativity; (2) social life supports, sustains, and promotes equal justice as its highest aspiration, out of an understanding that we are all equal by virtue of our humanity; (3) economic life, is balanced by reciprocal interactions between people and people, and people and environment, governed by solidarity with the endeavour to meet human needs and enable individuals to work out of their prebirth intentions. With Social Threefolding/Social Sculpture we can build systems that reflect what it is to be truly human.

A brief introduction:

How we work: We use engaging presentations, deep conversations, and some unusual tools: Storytelling, creative engagement, and board games.

Why Storytelling and creative activity?
Storytelling makes us adaptable, it expands the scope of our mental lives beyond the confines of our actual experience socially, physically, and in every other way. It offers a fluid unencumbered interaction and immediately creates human community. We are all experiencing an unprecedented techno-boom; information technology supplies us with more ‘facts’ than we can process, but without the wisdom, the insight, needed to interpret and integrate them into our lives, tying us more and more to materialism. Storytelling gives us the space and tools to integrate knowledge gained through intuition, perception and reason and calms inner chaos. Our healthy human organism needs beauty: our brain uses a third of the oxygen our body can take up, when we produce, or experience the production of beauty, it simultaneously releases beneficial chemicals, endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, etc. that have vital emotional and physical functions. We could say our human organism is designed to create acts of beauty more than it is designed to produce food or offspring.

Why Games?
We want to stimulate great conversations:
The Landlord's Game was designed by Elizabeth Magie for her economics students as a practical demonstration of those principles that enrich the few and impoverish the many. Monopoly, retailed and patented by the Parker Brothers, is a stolen and corrupted version of Landlord's Game . The players' goal is to drive opponents into bankruptcy.
CoQuest and CoQuest Threat by Michael Howard: All great games of the past depend on competition. Team sports transfer this competitive dynamic from two individuals to two groups. Within teams a high level of collaboration is exercised to be effective in defeating the others. This curious mix of collaboration and competitiveness is also found in business, politics and warfare. The prevailing assumption is that self- interest is deeply rooted in human nature that competition is unavoidable, necessary and a fact of life. And yet, as self-interest intensifies, more and more people aspire to live in harmony with all who dwell upon our living Earth. It may not be possible to eradicate self-interest entirely, but our humanity depends on our striving to harmonize our own needs and aspirations with those of others. Michael's website:
The Social Puzzle is a puzzle that can only be solved by players giving away pieces to others. Look around, who needs what you have ...

Conversation: Conversation literally means to 'walk with or turn around with' Hamish, Gillian, Irmhild & Iris have worked with Theory U, and deep listening and understand the power of conversation to build a communal image and relationship to both ideas and to one another. Therein lies the seed to innovate change and new initiatives.

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