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    A Series of Extraordinary Events presents – 'Connected'.

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    I was invited to spend a day with Karen and her equine teachers a year ago. I didn't know what to expect, I was interested and curious. I wasn't prepared for it to be a profound experience of surrender, of grace, of deep connection. 

    You are invited to share in this experience, expertly guided by Karen and her horses. This day will be an exploration of authenticity, of meeting those parts of yourself you desire to cultivate and express. It will be an opportunity to get to know these parts and bring them into alignment, guided and supported by our equine teachers. 

    Horses offer a unique insight into human behaviour, providing positive reinforcement and instant responses that have the power to transform how you communicate, how you relate, how you lead, live and love. This work has a powerful impact on our mental health, on our nervous system regulation and self awareness.

    Horses see, hear and feel it all. They can hear a human heartbeat from 4 feet away and are finely attuned to our energy. Their relationship with you will reflect the relationship you have with yourself. This is a unique opportunity to attune, align and reconnect. 

    This experience is limited to 8 courageous souls. No previous experience working with horses is necessary, you will be in close contact with them but there is no riding required. 

    This is a full-day experience. You will be guided by Karen, myself and her team of horses. The day will involve some work in groups, in the training room, some solo work and of course - working directly with horses in the arena. 


    What is Equine Assisted Learning?

    The most primary element of EAL is utilising a sentient prey animal, a horse, which has honed its abilities of expanded awareness, teamwork and leadership skills, to survive over thousands of years in order to non-judgmentally respond and teach us predators how to also become more aware of what we are thinking, doing and saying and how that impacts our environment and people around us.

     It allows us to assess and open our minds to changing how we respond.  They can also teach us to regulate quickly and develop greater emotional and social awareness. They open a door to an individual's true potential and abilities using positive reinforcement. 

    You will receive a couple of simple emails with more about EAL leading up to the day. 

    Here's what to expect on the day.

    You will receive a weather forecast, and checklist, 48 hours prior to the day. On arrival, you'll notice our magnificent environment with fresh air, and if the skies are clear, a magnificent view. We'll begin in the training room. The training room has a beautiful wood fire, toilets and beverages to warm you up. The arena is open air, so we advise you dress appropriately. You will be given a brief description of what Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) or Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is, and what it is not, followed by a short course in Horselan, (how to communicate with horses). 

    NOTE 1: There is no riding in this program.

    NOTE 2. We have three levels of psychological and physical safety in our programs. 

    Level 1. For those who have high concerns, you are a very valuable part of the program as a silent observer, who will be actively involved from outside the arena and in the debrief and training room activities. An external perspective is gold. 

    Level 2. Inside the arena you will not be handling the horses, but will follow the team around observing and listening.  You also will be actively involved in the debrief and all training room activities. 

    Level 3. You will be working with the humans and take turns in handling the horse in the activities.  

    Depending on numbers on the day you may have the opportunity to move up the levels. You are required to sign an insurance waiver in order to enter the arena with the horses. (We have been running programs since 2017, fully insured and have never ever had an incident). Our programs only require people to be comfortable on uneven ground and stepping over low poles, no olympic athleticism required. 

    You will be split into small teams and head to the arena. I will give you a short safety briefing, after which teams will have their first opportunity to discover and interact with their horse with a specific and important life skill while starting and developing a relationship.

    After this we will do a mini debrief, and then proceed to the next section of the day. We will be moving in and out of the training room and the arena and reflection and discussions are a large part of embodying what you have learned.   

    During and after the experience you may have aha moments as the universe of thought, intuition, facts, emotions, memories, parallels, reasoning and understanding land and this may continue for several days. It's important to the process that you can relate and integrate this into aspects of your life to make the most of your day with us. 

    We look forward to sharing this very special experience with you. 

    Karen, Mikey, Music, Duke and Jet. 

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