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Accelerated Learning Certification in Philippines

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Are you ready to transform your learning sessions from passive lectures to engaging experiences that drive results?

The Problem:

Traditional classrooms often lack engagement, leading to information overload and poor retention. This leaves both trainers and learners frustrated and unsure of the actual impact of the training.

Imagine this instead:

  • Learners are actively engaged from the moment they enter the room.
  • The environment itself sparks curiosity and sets the stage for deeper learning.
  • You, as the trainer, guide and facilitate discovery, empowering learners to take ownership of their learning journey.
  • By the end of the session, learners not only understand the information, but are confident in their ability to apply it in the real world.

This is the power of Accelerated Learning (AL).

What is AL?

AL is a science-backed methodology that enhances both the design and delivery of learning programs. It focuses on creating engaging experiences that cater to different learning styles, maximize retention, and ultimately, drive results.

The Benefits of our AL Certification:

  • Become an expert: Gain a deep understanding of the 8 principles of AL and learn how to apply them effectively in your training sessions.
  • Craft engaging learning experiences: Transform traditional presentations into interactive activities that stimulate learner participation and knowledge retention.
  • Boost learner engagement and motivation: Make learning fun and rewarding for both you and your learners.
  • See immediate results: Experience the power of AL firsthand during the certification program and gain the tools to implement it in your own training sessions.

Who should attend?

This certification is designed for anyone involved in training and development, including:

  • Trainers & Facilitators
  • Teachers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Learning & Development professionals
  • Consultants
  • And more!

Certification Schedule:

  • 2-Day Accelerated Learning Certified Facilitator: Learn the core principles of AL and powerful techniques to engage learners.
  • 3-Day Accelerated Learning Certified Course Designer: Build upon the 2-day program and gain advanced skills in designing effective AL learning programs.

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what past participants have to say:

“Every trainer needs to learn how to make their training more effective, and AL is definitely a must technique trainers need to learn and practice.” - Marcy Hsiao, MJW Learning Solution, China

“It was such a pleasure to attend the AL workshop. My head is already buzzing with ideas which I’m going to use in my sessions and hopefully benefit my learners ever more.” - Deepti Kapoor, Training faculty at India’s leading hotel chain

“Traditionally, trainings are trainer-centered. AL workshop emphasizes learner-centered, activity-oriented, fun-driven training which enhances collaboration among learners and speeds up learning. By adopting AL design into each training, trainings can be revamped.” - Dr. B. Jagadish, Deputy Manager, Toyota Institute, India

"I have heard a bit about AL Learning, and was really excited for this program as I wanted to experience it. And I did experience it from the time I entered the room. The setup, the colors, the information that was presented was all inviting. The way things we presented without presentation was an eye opener. In a world where we have been told that learning can happen only when we present information, AL has changed my mindset and shifted my mind all together. Even on the last day, where we had to put in all the learnings of AL into a program that we wanted change, it was fascinating to see the effect that AL had on the program chart. I am now super excited to share this experience with the learners in my programs. Thank you to all who have been part of curating and creating this learning program." - Suresh Ramdas

“I am feeling enriched, and full of ideas to design and deliver program AL way. I am sure it not only improves retention but also greatly improves ROI”. - Sushil Kumar Barkur, Senior General Manager, Alkem Laboratories 

Ready to take your training to the next level?

Register for the Accelerated Learning Certification today and join a community of passionate learning professionals!

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