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    Ḥadīth Jibrīl - Ijazah Conferral

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    ḤADĪTH JIBRĪL - Ijazah Conferral

    Bear witness firsthand to a significant moment in the Islamic scholarly tradition as Talha Ahmad Latif & Taha Ahmad Latif engage in the formal recitation of the renowned Ḥadīth Jibrīl. This event marks the conferral of an Ijazah, a license to transmit this seminal subset of prophetic wisdom.

    Salmaan Parkar will elucidate the purpose and significance of receiving an Ijaza for the Hadith Jibril. Delving into the essence of this revered tradition, he will highlight its pivotal role in preserving the integrity of Islamic teachings. Through insightful commentary, he will unveil the rigorous training and dedication required to attain this esteemed authorization.

    What is this Authorization?

    The instructor will also provide insight into the intricate chains of transmission linking the recipient/s directly to the Prophet Muhammad. Learn about the meticulous process of authentication and the esteemed scholars who have contributed to preserving this sacred lineage. You will get an opportunity to discover the historical significance of each chain and its role in safeguarding the integrity of Islamic knowledge.


    He will also highlight common challenges faced by students of Islamic disciplines by addressing the detrimental effects of certain emotions on the pursuit of knowledge and emphasize the importance of fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

    Due Diligence in Knowledge Seeking

    The night will also help us understand the importance of diligence and perseverance in the journey of acquiring Islamic knowledge. It will help us stay informed about effective practices and strategies for retaining knowledge.

    Intentions for Seeking Knowledge

    The night will create an ambience to reflect on the noble intentions behind seeking knowledge in Islam. The instructor will also elucidate the spiritual and altruistic motivations driving the pursuit of knowledge and underscore the profound impact it can have on individuals and communities.

    Aptitude for Ḥadīth Studies & Types of Ijazah

    Sh. Ahmed Parkar will join us as a guest on the night, as he shares some unique insights about the types and tiers of Ijazah. He will also share some pertinent advice about having or developing the aptitude for Ḥadīth studies.


    Do not miss this enlightening and inspiring event that celebrates the rich tradition of Islamic scholarship and honors the dedication of students in their pursuit of knowledge.

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