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    Angels and Faeries Light Language Sound Healing - For Peace, Healing and Ascension

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    Channelled Light Language, songs, messages and soundscape to transport you to the heavenly rhelms, connect you with your angels, commune with faeries and elementals in this one off event to restore peace and harmony in your body, activate remembrance of who you truly are and the supportive network you have guiding you through life.

    "Nat herself, is a gifted beautiful soul with the voice of an angel as she intuitively guides you on a journey with meditation, sound, energy and light language transmissions instinctively knowing what each participant needs. A truly healing experience. Thank you."

    "Experiencing Nat in her element of channeling light language, music and sound stirred a deep knowing within me. It was a remembering. A connection to the other realms. A soul connection. It was other worldly, blissful, beautiful and healing “

    This is a sound and energy healing session of the highest frequency to release tension, clear density, awaken DNA codes and recall souls remembrance, leave feeling light, clear, inspired and knowing exactly why you are where you are and your next step in your souls journey.

    ✨ Language of light, transmissions of the soul with messages and frequencies to return to balance and alignment with your soul. 

    ✨ 432hz crystal transmission through all the chakras to cleanse, clear and restore harmony in the body and connection with your highest source of light.

    ✨ Activation of DNA and soul rememberance to accelerate returning to your divinity.

    ✨ Angel harmonics and songs of the heavens to nurture and nourish your earthly vessel and feel connected with your divine guides.

    "Natalee holds phenomenal space I was able to connect so deeply so quickly within myself to the most amazing realms. The frequencies and energies were a whole other level and so much shifting, clearing and activating was taking place. With Natalee's support I was able to clear some very old blockages from my throat and heart chakras. I felt so much clearer and stronger within myself... What a powerful, beautiful, pure space. Thank you Natalee"
    Vanessa Rutherford

    90 minute guided healing session with ceremonial cacao, gentle breath, quantum meditation and sound frequencies and harmonics to transform your body, mind and soul to its divinity. Returning heaven to earth.

    🧚 Ceremonial Cacao for opening the heart to receive new frequencies

    🧚Light Language transmissions connecting with fairies, elementals and angels

    🧚 Energy Healing clearing and activation of you divine DNA coding

    🧚Breath to restore the nervous system to peace

    "Words really cannot explain the experience I have each time I go to one of Natalee's energy healing sessions! She is truly an angel sent down for us and her magic that she spreads is truly powerful. Thank you so much for all that you are and that you give, your light shines so bright and we are all so grateful for everything you do. xox"

    Magida Ezzat

    “Nat" Today was legit one if the best days I've had since I was born such a magical thing to finally understand and see where you have come from and to finally feel safe and happy within myself I feel so Free to finally 100% love and trust who I am. For the first time since I have been alive I don't feel lost.”

    "I was mesmerised by ’Nats' singing and light language on the weekend! I had an extremely intense lucid dream...and I believe I spoke light language for the first time! I had the pleasure of experiencing Natalee's amazing voice at a sound healing recently, I found her voice was very unique, powerful mesmerising. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us all!”

    "I absolutely loved the crystal bowl sound healing, but your singing and voice was so angelic and beautiful what a beautiful gift you share.  I felt your words and messages resonate deeply.  It was both empowering and healing.   Thanks Nat for a great experience  xx

    Limited Tickets 

    $49 Early Bird

    $69 General Admission


    Natalee is a powerful Energy Alchemist who awakens light codes and energy through unique processes of clearing and activating the subtle bodies to access 20x more energy and live a life that is light and free.

    As well as her transmissions of Light Language, Angelic Harmonies and Quantum Healing, Natalee works with the Chakra's, Quantum Human Design and the Metabolism to personalise and optimise energy for your unique energy blueprint.

    A published writer, inspirational speaker, performer, coach and quantum healer, Natalee has activated hundreds of women through her transmissions, events, courses, books, meditations and coaching.

    Natalee has studied breathwork, qi-gong, sound therapy, positive psychology specialising in leadership, quantum human design, nutritional therapy, personal training and metabolism optimisation while also immersing herself in many ancient and modern practices.

    Natalee is passionate about inspiring and activating ambitious change makers to clear the old, align with their unique personal frequency, ignite the full fire energy within and passionately pursue their mission as an unstoppable ripple of change in a world that needs light-workers to Shine their brightest.

    “Woooweee i am SO grateful I got to experience Nat in her absolute raw beauty – it truly was something else! I was absolutely blown away by the delicate sounds, the softness that overcame my body and the connection I felt with myself while listening. It was absolutely beautiful.”

    “...channeling and light work and sound bowl healing. Im telling you now I will never feel lost again... It was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced"
    “So very beautiful and you transmitted the answer to the question I asked the universe this morning, Thank you, thank you”

    “Your transmission… pretty powerful hun. I’m New (in this life) to light sounds/words you speak. Some part of me remembered & understood your transmission because this exhausted mumma feels like she’s had a coffee shot!”

    "They way Nat connects to the sound causes such gentle shifts. The influx of light codes with Nats voice resonated through my being. Incredible!!..I feel a warmth in my Womb like never before. Along with that connection then to my heart. So powerfully subtle. Thank you Nat"

    “Awesome Nat! It seemed so effortless and everything flowed forth without any blocks or uncertainty. Amazing how I now feel that I can make my dreams come true and there is no future, just now. I really do feel empowered and positive”

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