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Breached! Ready, Set, Recover (2 day workshop)

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Don't wait for a cyber incident to disrupt your operation, impact customers, and damage your reputation. Join leading experts to explore a structured approach to safeguarding data, customers, and reputation. Sign up for our two day workshop "Ready, Set, Recover" and empower your team with the tools and training they need to handle any cyber crisis confidently.

Cyber experts warn that it’s not a question of if, but when, regarding cyber and data breaches. No cyber defence can guarantee absolute immunity against current and emerging threats. All businesses retain some level of vulnerability; having a plan for when the worst happens is crucial in protecting your customers, maintaining trust, and safeguarding your reputation.

That’s why our workshop "Breached! Ready, Set, Recover" has been designed by experts for professionals in enterprise and government sectors, to provide actionable insights into navigating complex regulations, managing customer experience, and protecting your reputation under pressure.

Why "Breached! Ready, Set, Recover" is Essential for Your Organisation:

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: For government and enterprise organisations, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements is fundamental. Our workshop will explain agency and industry-specific considerations, ensuring that your response not only mitigates damage but also aligns with evolving legal expectations.

Comprehensive Risk Management: Despite best efforts, the risk of a breach remains. Our workshop ensures that your organisation is not just planning to defend against threats but that it is also prepared to act swiftly when a breach occurs. This proactive approach minimises potential harm, reduces downtime and mitigates further exposure.

    Customer and Stakeholder Trust: In the wake of a breach, the trust of customers and stakeholders can be severely shaken. Our workshop will help you create a structured response plan designed to maintain transparency and communication throughout the incident resolution process, reinforcing trust and ensuring continuity.

    Reputation Management: The reputational damage from a cyber incident can be long-lasting. "Breached! Ready, Set, Recover" explores strategic reputation management to help mitigate negative impacts, manage public perceptions, and support a quicker recovery for your customers and your brand.

    Customised Recovery Strategies: We understand that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to complex organisations. Our workshop will help you build a recovery strategy customised to align with your specific operational and strategic needs, ensuring effectiveness, efficiency, and reinforce the lifetime value of customers.

    Topics Covered:

    • Regulatory Compliance Guidance: Receive our expert assistance in understanding and meeting legal and regulatory obligations to prevent, mitigate, or manage a breach.
    • Incident Response Planning: Consider the specific steps to be taken immediately after a cyber incident to contain and assess the damage, and to protect stakeholder interests.
    • Customer Journey Analysis and Planning: Deep dive into your customer personas to understand their specific and varied needs in the wake of a disruption. Plan how to support each demographic in the context of your potential disruption.
    • Communication Protocols: Guidelines on communicating with internal and external stakeholders to manage the flow of information and maintain trust.
    • Fronting the Media: Learn from our expert Reputation Management Consultant on considerations for addressing the media.
    • Reputation Management Plans: Strategies to address public relations challenges and restore trust.
    • Post-Incident Analysis and Adaptation: Develop processes to learn from your own organisation and from others, post-breach. Ideally staying ahead of emerging risk to improve security measures, and prepare for future threats more effectively.

    "Breached! Ready, Set, Recover" ensures that your organisation is not only prepared to handle a cyber or data breach but is also equipped to recover with minimal impact on your operations, customers, and reputation. Build your organisation's resilience to thrive in the aftermath of a cyber incident.

    The expert team behind developing the training and delivery include:

    Sally Branson: A leading Reputation Management Consultant

    EJ Wise: Expert Cyber & Privacy Lawyer

    Catherine Thomas: Leader in Customer & Partner Experience Management (Formerly with Microsoft).

    Alison Howe: Information Security Management Frameworks

    Cyber Security Technical Expert: advice will be available at the workshop, but is not included in this course.

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