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Breathwork Ceremony

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Breathwork is a transformative practice that harnesses the power of conscious breathing to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Through intentional and rhythmic breathing techniques, individuals can regulate their autonomic nervous system, reduce stress, and increase mindfulness. This ancient practice has gained modern recognition for its ability to promote relaxation, improve focus, and unlock deep emotional release. Whether used for meditation, stress relief, or personal growth, breathwork offers a simple yet profound tool for achieving greater balance and vitality in our daily lives.

Mareah Rua is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator through the Elevare BreathWAV Technique. She incorporates Mindfulness, Meditation and Visualisation Practices to Expand our Awareness of Self and Body. Mareah is a Performance Artist, Mother and big believer in working on the subtle energy layers resonating as an ancient Medicine Woman.

These Journeys always go as deep as the participant is ready to go. You are you own healer and the breath is a powerful place to deepen our connection to as an everyday tool.

What to be aware of before our journey:

  1. Physical Sensations: Expect various physical sensations, such as tingling, numbness, or muscle tension. These are normal reactions to altered breathing patterns and should not be a cause for alarm.
  2. Emotional Release: Be prepared for the possibility of intense emotions surfacing. Breathwork can bring up buried emotions, which may be uncomfortable but are often part of the healing process.
  3. Safety Precautions: Individuals with certain medical conditions (e.g., epilepsy, heart conditions, high blood pressure, or a history of psychosis) should avoid or consult a healthcare professional before participating in breathwork. Pregnant individuals and those with respiratory issues should exercise caution.
  4. Qualified Facilitator: Work with a trained and experienced breathwork facilitator who can guide and support you throughout the journey. They can help ensure your safety and provide assistance if you encounter difficulties.
  5. Setting and Environment: Choose a safe, comfortable, and quiet environment for your session. Remove any potential distractions and have a trusted friend or family member nearby if needed.
  6. Intention Setting: Set clear intentions for your breathwork journey. This will help you focus your experience and provide a sense of purpose.
  7. Hydration: Stay well-hydrated before and after the session, as deep breathing can lead to dehydration.
  8. Integration: After the journey, take time for self-reflection and integration. Journaling or talking to a therapist or facilitator can help process any insights or emotions that emerged.

Remember, breathwork can be a powerful tool for personal growth and healing, but it's not suitable for everyone. Always consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about your physical or mental health before embarking on a breathwork journey. Additionally, if you feel overwhelmed or experience distress during a session, communicate with your facilitator immediately, and they can help adjust the practice to ensure your safety and comfort.

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