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We are thrilled to invite you to RSVP to Brian Fuata's new email and IRL performance STORY SENT (2024), commissioned by Cement Fondu for the upcoming exhibition, TMI, 1 June - 28 July, 2024.

STORY SENT (2024) is a new iteration of the earlier email artwork The Dead Sea Salt and The Quiet Man with his camera in the toilet, first performed in 2012. In the original email performance, audience members were mentioned in/as part of the Subject line. Within the body of the email, two intimate anecdotes were placed side-by-side, one where the artist participates in a pop-up skin care demonstration in Bondi Westfield and the other where he is recorded having sex at a beat by a stranger in the neighbouring cubicle.

For this new iteration, STORY SENT (2024), audiences will RSVP to receive four emails in total, with each epistle becoming a score for a live structured improvisation that will take place in Cement Fondu's gallery space across four dates during the TMI exhibition, beginning at the launch on Saturday 1 June, 7pm. The remaining three live improvisations will draw upon the evolving script within Fuata's emails and will be performed at Cement Fondu on Saturday 15 June 4pm, Thursday 4 July 6pm, and Saturday 27 July 4pm.


Title: "Transgressions and Tenderness: The Provocative Performance Art of Brian Fuata"



Step into the provocative world of Brian Fuata, where boundaries blur, and conventions are challenged. In this groundbreaking exhibition, we invite you to explore the daring intersections of intimacy, technology, and public space through Fuata's groundbreaking email performance art.

**Exhibition Highlights:**

1. **"Skin Deep: A Skincare Spectacle"**  

   Enter the realm of Bondi Westfield, where Brian Fuata orchestrated a captivating performance merging the mundane with the surreal. Witness as he intertwines the world of skincare with the unexpected, blurring the lines between commerce and art. Through email exchanges, Fuata invites you to reconsider the boundaries between personal care and public spectacle.

2. **"Intimate Encounters: Recording Intimacy in Public Spaces"**  

   Prepare to be intrigued and perhaps unsettled as we delve into Fuata's exploration of intimacy in unexpected settings. Experience the tension and vulnerability as Fuata pushes the limits of social norms by recording moments of intimacy in public toilets. Through his performance, Fuata challenges societal taboos, inviting audiences to confront their own perceptions of privacy and public behavior.

**Interactive Experience:**

Engage with Fuata's work firsthand through an interactive experience that invites you to participate in his ongoing dialogue. Explore the boundaries of communication and connection as you immerse yourself in the world of email performance art. Share your thoughts, reactions, and reflections as you become part of the conversation surrounding Fuata's provocative work.


Brian Fuata's bold exploration of email performance art pushes the boundaries of what is considered acceptable, challenging audiences to confront their preconceptions and reconsider the intersection of public and private spaces. Join us on a journey through the provocative and tender landscapes of Fuata's work, where the lines between art and life, intimacy and exposure, are purposefully blurred.

For more information on Brian Fuata's performance STORY SENT and to register as an audience member, RSVP by Thursday 16 May.

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