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Candlelit Yin Yoga, Meditation and Intuitive Sound Bath

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Give yourself this time to relax the physical body. Gently switching from your sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system, cultivating relaxation, reducing stress while gently stretching, restoring and letting go of any thoughts, stuck emotions, and stress that do not serve you

In a candle lit room with some yummy essential oils, you will be guided into a relaxing and grounding meditation bringing you to the present and connecting you to your body. Followed by 1 hour of nourishing Yin Yoga, offering you a space to slow down, relax the physical body and find inner peace. All whilst bathing in the vibration of Crystal Sound Bowls.

Yin is a compliment to Yang and Yin Yoga specifically can greatly compliment the Yang lifestyles we are living,

Yin Yoga forces you to slow down and allows you to just "BE" for a while rather than constantly 'doing'

Yang represents Masculine energy this is where we are go go go, getting things done, logic, reasoning, goals. explanation.

Yin represents Feminine energy, letting go, surrendering, believing, trusting, intuition, slowing down

Yin Yoga forces you to slow down and allows you to just "BE" for a while rather than 'doing'

Yin yoga is about the quality of your poses and not the quantity

In this practice we hold poses anywhere from 2 to 5 mins to 7 mins

There are 2 aspects to Yin Yoga as I understand it, the physical aspect and the spiritual / emotional aspect

With the physical aspect - Yin yoga is a very restorative and it can be used to compilment Yang practices. When we hold poses for extended periods of times we restore the muscles, the connective tissues and fascia in the body, we increase blood circulation and we increase flexibility

With the Spiritual/ Emotional aspect of Yin Yoga - there are many layers to this aspect - we store or hold onto a lot of emotions, stress, anxiety, fear, depression, anger in our bodies and majority of this is stored in our hips. In Yin Yoga a majority of the poses are focused on opening the hips and as we stretch through the glutes, hamstrings, releasing the hips, those trapped emotions, that stagnant energy might also be released. I have experienced this myself, quiet often especially in a 3 minute pigeon pose, for me I can literally feel tension leave my body and at this time I often just want to let go of everything, and I sometimes even shed a little tear.  

We tend to keep ourselves busy, distracted, working, watching Netflix, TV, drinking, eating and don't take time to just FEEL to just BE.

To Feel is to Heal

We look forward to holding space for you

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