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    Channelling & Mediumship Event with Lisa Brandis

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    Event description

    "A beautiful night with Anya! We were all so thrilled and eagerly waiting to know what Anya through our gorgeous Lisa has to say to clear our doubts and answer our questions".

    Discover an enchanting evening with Lisa Brandis channeling her spirit guide Anya. Also known as a motivational medium, Lisa empowers you to return to your own personal power, align with your highest truth, and activate your innate potential.

    If you've been pondering your life's purpose, longing to release the blocks stemming from limiting beliefs and seeking transformation, then this event is tailor-made for you!

    Bring a friend along for mutual support and to bask in the wisdom that emanates from aligning with higher consciousness. Together, we'll explore the keys to self-empowerment, grounded in self-love, kindness, and compassion.

    Join us for a captivating and uplifting event, featuring mediums, psychic messages, and guidance to unlock the answers to your most pressing questions.

    A word from Lisa:

    "From my own journey, I've found that channeling opens the mind to grace, wisdom, inspiration, and spiritual guidance flow naturally in response to your questions and all that is required from you is an open mind and a little curiosity, and a desire to learn more about how you can bring more light, love, and connection into your life. On a personal level, channeling is my greatest joy to be of service to you in this way and so I invite you to participate in a shared evening of healing, joy, and friendship.” Lisa Brandis

    Event Format:

    • Introduction to Channeling (10 min): Lisa will share her personal experience with channeling and its profound impact on her life and her clients over 15 years of working with Intuitive Reiki and verbally channeling her spirit guide, Anya.
    • Demonstration of Channeling (1 hour): Experience a channeling demonstration where Lisa will call through her spirit guide Anya for an interactive demonstration. 
    • Questions:  Please come prepared with a few questions you would like guidance on. Anya will select members of the audience to receive a message. Past participants found this part of the evening enlightening and transformative.
    • As with all demonstrations, there is no guarantee that you will receive a spirit message.

    Event Information: 

    • Location: Canning River Eco Education Centre, Wilson.
    • Parking: Free at venue.

    Event's Purpose and Audience:

    What is Channeling? Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and spirit, either the high-level guide, the channel, or both, working together in cooperation.

    Who's This Evening For? This evening is for:

    • Healers and spiritual seekers who want to witness channeling and have their questions answered in a safe and nurturing environment.
    • Those who want to deepen their connection with their own spirit guides and learn more about the channeling process.
    • Individuals interested in developing their own natural intuitive gifts, discovering their life purpose, or making positive life changes.
    • Healers who doubt their abilities and seek confidence.
    • People looking for a tribe of like-minded friends, where they can support each other in a safe environment.

    Live Channel with Anya Testimonials:

    "A really lovely evening with Lisa and like-minded souls. It was very heartwarming, uplifting, and fun. Thank you". Kristina Ritchie
    Watching the union between Anya and Lisa is a must to experience. To feel and experience this union is a blessing. Thank you Lisa and Anya for sharing your lovely energies. 😇🙏💗 Kathy Williams
    Attending was a reinforcement of my existing belief in the power of channeling and any form of light work to help people. Such an amazing experience! So touching and beautiful to witness the good Lisa and Anya are able to do in this world. Suzanne Bousfield
    What an evening it was! A beautiful night with Anya! We were all so thrilled and eagerly waiting to know what Anya through our gorgeous Lisa has to say to clear our doubts and answer our questions. To many of us if not all of us, she has been spot on. It was such a beautiful night for me personally. I felt privileged to have been able to make it for the night. Lisa, keep the flame going as you have enlightened my life ever since I met you. Be Blessed always, you are an angel sent for all of us. Wendy Kushini
    It was a wonderful evening. A great and open group who were happy to share some very personal thoughts. Also thanks to Lisa and Anya for your support and guidance 😊. Anne Kirkpatrick
    What an amazing evening Lisa with Anya. Anya answered my question perfectly and I also loved what she said to the others when they asked questions. Also loved the mediumship answers. It was a joy to be in the group. Thank you so much. Margrett Robson
    It helped me to resolve some questions I had. I really enjoyed the beautiful Lisa and the lovely group of ladies present, thanks for the clarity. - Yvette

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Q: Can I invite a friend?
      • A: Share this unique experience with a friend—they won't want to miss it! Copy and paste this link to share:

    • Q: Do I need to prepare a question before the event?
      • A: Yes, it is advised that you come prepared to get the most out of this experience.
    • Q: Will everyone get a reading?
      • A: While we can't guarantee personal readings for everyone due to the number of attendees, many students find Anya answers their questions indirectly via other readings.

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    Connecting Through Collective Insight: The Power of Group Readings

    When one person asks for a message from a channel, that is also relevant to others in the group, it's often referred to as a collective or group reading. In this context, the channel (or medium) connects with spirit or receives intuitive guidance not just for the individual who asked the question, but for the entire group present.

    Group readings can be powerful experiences because they often demonstrate the interconnectedness of individuals within the group and highlight shared themes, emotions, or experiences that resonate with multiple people at once. The messages received during group readings can provide validation, insight, and guidance to everyone present, even if they didn't directly ask for a message themselves.

    Group readings are commonly conducted in various spiritual and metaphysical practices, including psychic readings, mediumship sessions, and spiritual gatherings. They can foster a sense of community and unity among participants as they collectively receive guidance and support from the spiritual realm.

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