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Circling: A Transformative Journey of Awakening and Deep Emotional Healing

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Circling: A Transformative Journey of Awakening and Deep Emotional Healing

Imagine sitting in a small group of (5) people and expressing your deepest and most heartfelt emotions, struggles, aspirations, and sensations, where there is no judgment.

Sitting in a circle with a group of people that are:

  • Solely interested in knowing what it is like to be you.
  • Only focused on listening and understanding the struggles and traumas you have experienced.

Sitting in a group of people who are there to support you in delving deep inside yourself. Giving non-judgemental observations and feedback on how you express yourself and how you are seen.

The listeners give observations and feedback when you are being circled based on:

  • Ensuring they have understood you correctly.
  • How you have impacted them with your sharing.

Those participants sitting in the circle give you responses in a specific tone and nature, that of:

  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Straightforwardness
  • Curiosity & Inquisitiveness

The guidelines given on responses to the person being circled are:

  • Intention—No intention to change the person being circled.
  • No advice—No coaching is given on how another should act.
  • Non-directional—The person being circled is free to explore their inner world in any direction and depth as they desire

We see the person being circled as being whole and complete as they are.

In circling, you realize life-negating and limiting patterns in the present moment (on your own), gaining a deeper understanding of how these patterns have tied you to past distress.

Paradoxically, by acknowledging and accepting these patterns, you can release internal psychological and physical energy. This process ultimately leads to a natural, genuine, and unrestricted flow of energy, opening up new possibilities and choices.

“If you take responsibility for what you are doing to yourself,how you produce your symptoms, how you produce your illness,
how you produce your existence-the very moment you get in-touch with yourself -growth begins, integration begins.”

– Fritz Perls

When you feel safe to express your deepest emotions in a safe space, you notice deeply repressed sensations and memories that you were otherwise unaware.

Through receiving soft and slow feedback from your supportive circle, you have your own realizations by making connections between past destructive behaviours and unconscious mental constructs.

You can finally see those sub-personalities you have built over the years that have been used to protect and hide your shame and hurt.

By dropping away parts that are not you and expressing your deep inner sadness, your deep inner joy will shine through.

The path of self-knowledge and understanding of who you are is a path of subtraction.

“Nothing changes until it becomes what it is”

– Fritz Perls

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