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Coercive Control and Social Entrapment Workshop Series (Online)

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Event description

This series aims to explore and develop our understandings of coercive control and social entrapment and how concepts strengthen our work with victims/survivors, with perpetrators as well as making sense of our role and responsibilities as part of a system that can contribute to safety and manage risk.


Coercive control and social entrapment are critical concepts that when translated into practice allow us to challenge perpetrators systematic tactics of isolation, fear and coercion; the limitations of our service systems; and support victims/survivors to interrupt and alleviate entrapment.

WORKSHOP 1: Foundational - Coercive Control and Social Entrapment

Date: 11th of November, 2024

  • Detailing concept of coercive control and social entrapment.
  • Using this framework to shape the understanding of context for responding to victims/survivors and perpetrators.

WORKSHOP 2: Risk Assessment and Coordinated Safety Responses

Date: 12th of November, 2024

  • Explorations for risk assessment, safety planning, risk management, and coordinated safety responses.
  • Risk assessment beyond just asking questions.
  • Collaborative decision making.
  • Developing interventions to disrupt entrapment.

WORKSHOP 3: Working with perpetrators with dignity and accountability

Date: 18th of November, 2024

This workshop explores the how-to of conversations with men who hurt the women they say they love through exploring:

  • naming and detailing the hopes of men.
  • moving beyond good intentions to daily practices of respect, reparations, and accountability; considering responsible interventions prioritising safety of those harmed; and
  • collusive messages and practices that occur at structural, organisational, relational, and individual levels.

WORKSHOP 4: Resistive Violence

Date: 19th of November, 2024

  • Locate and explore the concept of resistive violence within the context of coercive control and intimate partner violence and what this means for victims/survivors.
  • Explore the links between our assumptions and theories and interventions to resistive violence.
  • Practice possibilities for responding that centres safety and dignity.

Learning Outcomes

Workshop 1

  • Exploration of the framework of coercive control social entrapment
  • Expose and explore possibilities to shift the burden of responsibility from victims/survivors to systems
  • Exploring the limitations for safety and accountability in our current service systems

Workshop 2

  • Exploring our frameworks, beliefs, assumptions, and biases that shapes how we understand and respond to domestic and family violence
  • Explore ways of undertaking a critical risk assessment with victims/survivors and perpetrators that goes beyond just asking questions
  • Translate theories to practices to develop coordinated and collaborative safety plans and threat management plans

Workshop 3

  • Make sense of perpetration of domestic and family violence from a coercive control and social entrapment framework
  • Explore practice possibilities of working with men with dignity and accountability

Workshop 4

  • Explorations of resistive violence in context – the concepts and definitions, within the context of IPV
  • Explore practice possibilities for safety and advocacy

Event details 

Workshop 1: Monday, 11th November 2024
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm AEST

Workshop 2: Tuesday, 12th November 2024
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm AEST

Workshop 3: Monday, 18th November 2024
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm AEST

Workshop 4: Tuesday, 19th November 2024
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm AEST

Location: Online

Please note this is a four part series. Participants should attend all sessions. 

        Who should attend

        This workshop is great for anyone with an interest in gaining deeper understanding of coercive control and social entrapment. Pitched at advanced level.  Open to all. 


        About the facilitator

        Dr Tracy Castelino

        Dr Tracy Castelino has been working in the field of violence against women for more than 30 years. This has included direct service and management roles with women and children’s services and perpertator intervention services. She continues to work with women and children who have been subjected to violence in their homes and provides supervision to domestic violence and men’s family violence teams.  She values partnerships and collective responses to systemic and social injustices and offers development and facilitation of community coordinated responses. She is skilled in working with the local politics and taking care of people and process to bring forward meaningful outcomes. With ShantiWorks’ colleagues, she is stepping into challenging the systems and tactics of whiteness and racism.

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