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    Collective Rising - Breath and Sound Journey BALLARAT

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    Event description

    My intention for this ceremony is to take you on a journey with breath and sound, guiding and empowering you to release that which no longer serves you, bringing you back to your fullest, most vibrant and authentic self. To put a spring in your step and wind in your sails.

    Breathwork is a powerful tool to release emotions that no longer serve you such as stress, trauma, grief, anxiety or sadness. Through this style of breathwork you consciously flood your body with oxygen (prana) raising your vibration and squeezing out the negative emotions stored in the physical body. When it comes to emotions, "the body remembers". Negative emotions, if not fully processed can get stored in the body. If these emotions are left undealt with they can fester into dis-ease in the form of physical, emotional or mental issues. "The world a man sees, is the world he holds in his heart". These emotions can then cloud your judgement, causing you to act out of fear instead of love. By moving and releasing these disqualified energies, you make more room for love, connection and general well being.

    As much as breath work affects the emotional body, it also deeply affects the mind, inducing clarity, calmness and altered states of consciousness. Dropping into these deep meditative states can help you gain access to your subconscious mind. This can allow you to process and work through thoughts, memories and mental conditioning, giving you the power to rewrite your narrative and create a healthier and more positive mind state. Through this pattern of conscious connected breathing, it is possible to release the "spirit molecule" or DMT in the brain. This can evoke profound insights, downloads and visions, ranging from light colours and patterns all the way through to images, symbols and astral travel. By inducing these altered states of consciousness, you can call in clarity, connection, insights and wisdom. You may connect more deeply with your spirit guides and ancestors. It can also help you manifest at a faster rate.

    We will start the session with a guided sacred Cacao Ceremony, as well as allowing us to take some time to slow down and drop into this container, cacao is a beautiful plant medicine for helping us to open our hearts and create more room for love, compassion and connection for ourselves and others.

    About the facilitator

    Mitch Brownlee is a certified breathwork facilitator who has been practising for 2 years and hosting group events for over 18 months. With regular events in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Cairns, Victoria and at festivals all over the East Coast. He learned his craft through Dan Pauro from Spirit Breathwork, recently completing his Level 2 Certification. He intuitively weaves sound healings into his breath work sessions through the use of traditional instruments such as the Yidaki (Didgeridoo), Medicine drum, Flutes, Rattles and more. intertwining these sounds and his energy through out the session to complement the experience and aid in the release for those who need it. Mitch has a playful nature and is truly passionate about this work, he brings a high energy into his sessions with the intention of empowering and uplifting the collective consciousness through the medicine of breath and sound.  


    - Yoga matt and a blanket

    - Comfortable clothes

    - Drink bottle

    - Pen and paper to write down insights etc


    It is recommended to avoid caffeine on the day of the event, and eat lightly, if at all leading up to the event.

    *you must be 18+ to attend this event*

    This style of breathwork is not advised for people who are pregnant or people diagnosed with mental health conditions such as bi-polar or schizophrenia, as well as serious heart conditions or for people with pace makers etc. 

    ALTERATIONS CAN BE MADE!!!! if you have been diagnosed with any of the above, or similar conditions please reach out to Mitch Brownlee for a consultation at, as we can give you a specific breathing pattern which better suits your circumstances

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