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Content Creation Club at the Womens Micro Business Hub

The key objective of the Content Creation Club is to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for women entrepreneurs to learn and create content tailored for their businesses.
Fortnightly sessions, commencing with a topic and theory session, followed by additional supported sessions in the subsequent fortnight, allowing ample time for hands-on practice, collaboration and creation.

This is a FREE program, but registration is mandatory.

Commencing: 16th April – 3rd September,

Fortnightly on a Tuesday 

Duration: 2 Hours:  9.45am – 12 noon.

Unlock Your Content Creation Superpower!

Are you a woman entrepreneur, struggling to create captivating content for your business? Say goodbye to the frustration and hello to our Content Creation Club – a dynamic, collaborative space where you'll learn, create, and thrive!

Join Our Content Creation sessions

Fortnightly on Tuesdays, from 9:45 AM to 12 PM, we invite you to our FREE, two-hour content creation workshops. With a maximum of 20 participants, you'll have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and unleash your creativity alongside like-minded women.

What's in Store for You?

1. Bite-Sized Lessons: Each session kicks off with a focused topic lesson on content creation tips, tricks, and trends, covering diverse topics such as Planning your Content, Branding, and Crafting your Message. There will be plenty of supported practice/play time, so come with your ideas and equipment.

2. Hands-On Creation: Once you've absorbed the knowledge, it's time to put it into further practice!  You'll have the perfect environment to work on your content projects while receiving real-time feedback and support from our facilitators and your peers.

3. Accountability and Motivation: Surround yourself with a diverse group of women who will inspire and motivate you to stay on track, overcome obstacles, and celebrate your wins together.

Who is this for?

**Women who live in Wyndham; Start ups, of small business who want a safe and supportive space to create marketing content for their business. Come learn and grow together.
**Women over 45s and/or Women who have a lived experience with DV.

What You'll Need

    - Smart Phone

    - Laptop/Internet connection

    - Pen and notepad

    - Snacks and drinks (BYO)

    - Any props or materials required for specific sessions (details will be provided in the information email)

    Don't miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your content creation game, build consistency into your schedule, forge lasting connections, and watch your business soar! 

    Register now and unlock your content creation superpower! (Hit the 'Get Tickets' button)

    2024 Schedule of Dates

    1. April 16:  Theory & create.
    2. April 30:  Collaboration and create.
    3. May 14:   Theory & create.
    4. May 28:   Collaboration and create.
    5. June 11:  Theory & create.
    6. June 25:  Collaboration and create.
    7. July 9:     Theory & create.
    8. July 23:   Collaboration and create.
    9. August 6: Theory & create.
    10. August 20: Collaboration and create.
    11. September 3:  Show and Tell & Celebration


     Planning your Business Marketing Content - April 16, 2024

    Plan/Audit (What & Why)                                                                           

    Lead lady: Deborah Dickinson, Consulting & Coaching

    Wing Lady: Syeda Bahadur - Melwest Digital

    Plan your content on a 3-6 month calendar and write a list on how you are going to create the content, plus what you need.

    Create yourself check list/to do list for the 3–6-month plan of content.

    How to set up your Business Branding & Tools  - May 14 

    Lead lady: Katinka Kernutt - Katinka Kernutt Photography

    Wing Lady: Bettina Mitchell - WMBH

    • Including Branding (Logos, colours, values, messaging)
    • Set up the tools and platforms needed to execute your content
    • Or if you feel you have the tools set up, complete an audit/spring clean
    • Get everything else ready you need to excuse the Words and Visuals to go with your content

     Written Media Content   to attract your Ideal Clients - June 11 

    Lead lady: Syeda Bahadur 

    Wing Lady: Lizzy Jacobs - Lizzy Jacobs Photography 

    Set your intentions on what you want to get written at the start of the session, write it on the board/stick note etc, and at the end of the session tick it off.

    • Writing Copy for each content idea; words to go with each content piece that was set in week 1-2.
    • This could also include words for Bios for socials, website copy, about me pages, your “elevator pitch”,
    • Using AI to help with copy- the basics.
    • Time saving tips
    • Keeping your values, messaging and business “voice” authentic and consistent.

    Creating Images and Graphics for your brand - July 9

    Lead lady: Katinka Kernutt

    Wing Lady: Lizzy Jacobs

    • Methods for natural and flattering poses that will help you look effortless in front of the camera.
    • Overcoming camera shyness and embracing discomfort to build confidence in front of the camera. (Keep practicing, keep experimenting, learning your angles, push past the fear)
    • Lighting and iPhone tips for taking your own images with ease and confidence. Not all content is good content. Be intentional.
    • The importance of investing in professional photography to effectively communicate brand essence, boost brand recognition, and engage the audience. 

     Creating moving short form videos content (Videos/Reels) - August 6

    Lead lady: Lizzy Jacobs

    Wing Lady: Katinka Kernutt

    • Lighting, iPhone settings.

    • Editing and making reels, templates, audios, using hashtags, and key words etc

    • How to use video in all types of content creation, and digital marketing. (eg: Insta, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok)

    • Trending topics - video

    • Talking on video/B roll/Storyboarding small movies

      Show and Tell Celebrate - Putting it all together - September 3

        Lead Lady: Bettina Mitchell

        Wing Lady: Deborah Dickinson

        • Produce the final touches on the content and get it out into the world
        • Review what you have created, review scheduled posts and statistics
        • Repurpose content you have produced- EG could a social media post you put out there also be your next email marketing content, or a blog?
        • Review what worked and what didn’t, areas of improvement and include it in your ongoing content plans.
        • Get feedback from our facilitators and the Content Club participants for the next round; 'How could we offer more support to the next group.' Get photo memories to post to socials!
        • Celebrate - Congratulate and get Testimonials

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