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Breath & Ice Experience - Mornington

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Welcome to the Breath & Ice Experience Workshop

Discover the life-changing power of Breathwork and Cold Exposure

Welcome to this Breath and Ice Experience Workshop, an event that offers you a chance to enhance your human experience through the tools offered by nature.

This workshop is designed to put you back in the driver's seat of your health and strength. 

Backed by science and and facilitated by biology, we will find out how to make the most of every breath, and the reasons why we have strayed so far from optimal health. 

Led by Melbourne's former leading Wim Hof Method instructor William Frost (who has personally trained with Wim Hof in the Polish mountains as well as some of the most prestigious educators in the field of Breathwork), this workshop will take you through the fundamental principles of understanding how to use your breath to your advantage to:

- Strengthen your immune system.

- Enhance your cardiovascular network.

- Reduce stress levels.

- Optimise your sleep and much more. 

The workshop will also cover the importance of cold exposure as a natural tool to take your health, resilience, and well-being to the next level.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is simply an umbrella term describing a wide range of conscious breathing practices that promote deeper awareness, self-regulation, and profound personal transformation to enhance inner peace, health, and well-being.

Breathing, beyond the basic need for survival, acts as a bridge between the known and the unknown; between the conscious and the subconscious. The Breath and Ice Experience is created to educate you on how to optimise your own breath. 

Many who participate in this experience describe it as transformational and often reflect on a day filled with fresh insights, high-grade knowledge, and personal experience that often changes their lives straight away.

Who this workshop is for? 

For those of you who are interested and willing to learn how to get back to a natural, more optimal way of living in alignment with the blueprint we were all gifted with at birth. 

Those who are open to being committed to the journey of improvement. 

And for those who wish to get a taste of the well-documented and scientifically endorsed health benefits, which include:

- Improved immune system function

- Control stress effectively

- Improved sleep and recovery

- Have greater, sustainable energy levels throughout the day

- Reduce overall inflammation

- Combat depression and anxiety

- Improved physical and mental performance- Heightened focus and creative thinking

Who this workshop ISN'T for? 

- Those who are looking for a "quick fix" to their troubles (spoiler alert: there isn't one)

- Those who are looking for a deep "breakthrough" breathing session to "release trauma" 

- If you are pregnant 

🗓️ : Saturday 6th April 2024

📍 : The Private Sea, Satu Way, Mornington, Vic, 3931

🕰️ : 10:00am – 2.45pm

💰 : $135 AUD

About your instructor: 

William, a former leading Wim Hof Method instructor, has spent a half-decade learning from some of the top coaches in the field of breathwork and human physiology. His passion is outweighed only by his mission to change the way that people breathe, one breath at a time. William, through vigorous self-experimentation, has explored and researched multiple areas not just of the different applications of breathing but how deeply it affects the body, down to a DNA and cellular level. Sign up today for your chance to be taught by one who is truly driven by his mission.



- Please bring a yoga mat (optional), and a blanket or towel
- Wear comfortable clothing, thongs/sandals or easy to remove footw ear
- You will need to complete this waiver before attending the event.
- Water, notebook and pen for journaling
- Cushion or a pillow for your head or under your knees (optional)
- Come on your own or bring a friend 


    DISCLAIMER: Breathwork offers many potential benefits, but certain conditions may create risks for some individuals. It is essential to read all questions in the waiver above carefully before deciding if Breathwork is right for you, and let your health practitioner know about any concerns before participating. There are some contraindications including but not limited to pregnancy, glaucoma, high blood pressure not controlled with medication, cardiovascular disease, aneurysm in the brain or abdomen, uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes, asthma (if you have an inhaler, bring it to the session), epilepsy, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia diagnosis or previous psychiatric hospitalisation within the last ten years; other medical or physical conditions that impair the ability to engage in intense physical/emotional release.
    A positive answer does not necessarily exclude you from participating but may require medical clearance first. So, reviewing all questions in the waiver carefully and indicating any relevant personal situations before engaging in Breathwork activities is essential.


    There are always risks involved when engaging with natural forces such as the cold, but there are indeed appropriate steps taken to mitigate and lessen as much risk as possible. 

    Prior to the workshop: it is advised to begin implementing gradual cold exposure into your daily routine as soon as possible via a short cold shower (either as a stand-alone or at the end of your normal hot shower). This begins the adaptation process in your mind and body to help prepare for the shock of the cold. 

    In the workshop: we begin by presenting hands and feet in the cold to assess the body's response. If you experience any adverse reactions (headache, nausea, lightheadedness, extreme stress response) then I, the facilitator, reserve the right to encourage you not to fully submerge in the ice, or, in the rare case, to not participate at all. 

    Please note that adverse reactions are unlikely but can (and do) occur, 

    The ice bath is completely optional. 



    On these workshops, I fully welcome any emotions that might come up during both the breathwork session and / or the ice bath. That’s why I have taken every measure to ensure your safety and comfort while you take this journey. I will join you on the ride and provide any tools or techniques that may be needed if intense feelings come up. I provide a safe and supported environment with and am always ready to assist you should you need it. Before the breathwork session, we take time to get comfortable by providing calming breathing exercises so that your mind is relaxed when beginning the session. No matter what comes up during the session, know you’re in a secure environment with people who are willing to support and guide you.


    Yes, you can attend a breathwork session if you are under 18 years old, but only with the supervision of an adult. This is to ensure that the breathwork session is conducted in a safe and secure environment for everyone involved. From experience we know that often the experience is more appropriate for those that are aged 18 and above

    In addition to safety considerations, breathwork sessions are likely to be more appropriate for those aged 18 and above. This is because adolescents may not have the emotional maturity or life experience needed to fully understand or benefit from such a technique.


    If Breathwork Principles cancels or reschedules an event you are entitled to a full refund. All cancellations within seven (7) days of the event will receive a one-time credit to redeem within three months of the event date. Tickets are transferable if you email the details of the new ticket holders full name and email address including the event date and venue.

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