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    CASTLE HILL 'CALENDAR STONE' | Spiritual Day Retreat & Cacao Ceremony

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    Experience the celestial magic of the April 20 Jupiter Uranus conjunction, a pivotal moment in the cosmic dance of 2024! Join us for an extraordinary pilgrimage to the mystical CASTLE HILL, where the universe aligns to monolithic stones placed to stand out against the stars. 

    Embark on an unforgettable journey to a hidden gem: the 16,000 year old SACRED CALENDAR STONE, as documented in Freddy Silva's renowned work, "The Missing Lands." 

    Our rendezvous begins at the Castle Hill Carpark this Sunday at 10 am, followed by a collective journey to our starting point via carpool. The walk, lasting 45 to 60 minutes, paves the way to profound revelations and celestial connections.

    Don't miss this rare opportunity to partake in an event of cosmic significance. Embrace the mystery and join us on this transformative expedition to the epicentre of the universe.


    The earth shaking Uranus, and great awakener Jupiter combined with the power of the cosmic and earthly vortexes of Castle Hill and the Calendar Stone will be a shake up to wake up and align to your divine soul spirit.  This experience will feel 'other worldly.' 

    Are you yearning to connect more deeply to your true self, understand who you are and why you are here?  If you said yes, this event is for you.  Do you feel a tug within you yearning for a deeper understanding of the universe?

    Castle Hill is not just a location; it's a portal to another dimension, a place where layers peel away. It's a journey into the wholeness of your being, aligning with your genuine soul self, effortlessly.

    Experience the power of simply being, immersing yourself in one of the most potent energy sources on the planet – a natural health retreat for your mind, body, and soul.

    The 10,400 BC Alcove Stone - Sun & Moon Position
    A full day immersed in the energies of Castle Hill plus the energies of celestial giants promises a profound shift in your entire being. Learn about the remarkable true history of this power packed cosmic sacred site.  Embark on this journey with us, and let Castle Hill be the canvas for your transformation.


    Sacred Sip: Immerse yourself in the rich, velvety elixir of ceremonial-grade cacao, carefully chosen for its purity and energetic properties.

    Heart Activation: Allow the cacao to guide you into a state of deep heart-centeredness, where you connect with your inner self and the energy of Castle Hill.

    Soundscapes of the Soul: Enveloped in the harmonious vibrations of soulful 432Hz heart opening and activating music, let the rhythmic beats guide you through a transcendental experience, unlocking inner wisdom and spiritual insights.

    Guided Meditation: Drift into a meditative state, where the power of the energy vortex and cacao enhances your connection to the spiritual realm, opening doors to self-discovery and inner peace.

    Enlightened Guides: Be guided by knowledgeable souls, Energy Healers Sampoorna and AnSaRA who illuminate the path to deeper understanding and spiritual growth.  Sampoorna will channel messages and help you to align to the energies.  Often at these events planetary grid work is carried out and this is a profound experience. 

    Energy Clearing & Sacred Smudging: Begin your sacred journey with a ritual of energy clearing and smudging, purifying your being for the profound experiences ahead.

    Ley Lines & Vortexes:  Tap into the potent energy of the Earth's ley lines, where powerful conjunctions converge to ignite transformation, including the dragon lines, and experience a profound expansion of consciousness and heightened awareness.

    Guided Meditations to Uplifting Music: Lay back and embark on guided meditations set to uplifting and heart-opening music, transcending into higher states of consciousness.

    Lucid Dreaming Exploration: Deepen your state of consciousness, exploring the realms of lucid dreaming, where the boundaries between the physical and spiritual blur.

    Visions, Messages, and Sensations: Experience a tapestry of visions, messages, and sensations—all integral parts of your spiritual journey.

    Channeled Messages: Receive messages channeled from higher realms, providing guidance and wisdom tailored for your spiritual evolution.

    Light Body Activation and DNA Upgrade: Elevate your spiritual essence as you participate in the activation of your light bodies and the awakening of your dormant DNA.

    Frequency Elevation: Experience a 100X frequency boost, raising your vibrational frequency to align with the cosmic dance of the universe.

    Prepare to transcend, transform, and ascend on this sacred journey. Your spiritual evolution awaits.

    Calendar Stone
    Discover the History of These Monolithic Stones

    *Walking shoes
    *Picnic rug or yoga mat
    *Sleeping bag or warm blanket
    *Eye mask or hat
    *Clothes suitable for the forecast weather
    *Warm and wet weather gear
    *Enough water to hydrate - 3 litres
    *Food for after the ceremony

    **IMPORTANT** BRING A THERMOS FOR YOUR HOT CACAO - we will fill your thermos at the carpark before we begin our walk.


    Refrain from COFFEE, black tea and sugar all day
    Fast 4 hours before the event to ensure a deep tranquil state

    CaCao is NOT SUITABLE for anyone on Heart Medications although you CAN still take part in the ceremony without consuming it. If this applies to you, let me know. (Raw CaCao increases blood flow to the brain and heart by 30-40%, as it acts as a vasodilator opening blood vessels, reducing blood pressure if it is high.)

    Refrain from drinking water during the ceremony because it dilutes the Cacao and its potency. However staying hydrated earlier and after is important.


    Robert Sampoorna and Anita AnSaRA run Wholistic Health & Healing in Tuahiwi, Rangiora.  Together they see 000's of clients from all over the world guiding and assisting clients to heal themselves with energy medicine and energy healing techniques.  A dynamic duo who also have an online membership presence as spiritual mentors and teachers with Starseed Ascension School.  

    Visit their websites for more information: 

    Connect to Your Soul Tribe
    Connect to Your Soul Tribe

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