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Midlife Toolbox: Perimenopause Masterclass Series with Unna.

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Welcome, ladies, to a transformative masterclass series towards embracing the inevitable by diving into the world of perimenopause, a stage that affects each of us uniquely. It stealthily begins in our early 40s, way before the "drama" unfolds. Conversations around this topic can be confusing or even concealed, but fear not, because we're about to shed light on the changes that impact our exercise routines. Get ready for a mind-clearing experience and equip yourself with the tools you never knew you needed.

Picture this - you'll be in the comfort of Virtus offices surrounded by like-minded women aged 38 to 60+, or you missed a session and you're catching up with the recording; and yes, even those who are post-menopausal can benefit. If you've noticed that your nutrition and exercise efforts are yielding different results than before, then you're in the right place. As a planner approaching 40, you crave an action plan and a clear understanding of what lies ahead. It's natural to feel a tinge of fear, but together, we'll ensure you're prepared and ready to embrace this new chapter without regrets.

Let's take a sneak peek at what each week of this program holds for you:

Week 1: "Understanding Perimenopause and Menopause: Navigating the Changes"
For most of our lives, our bodies operate on a predictable rhythm that quietly supports our health in ways we often overlook. Perimenopause disrupts this rhythm, and we'll explore how it impacts our identity and life's trajectory. Whether it's a breeze or a rocky road, preparation is key. By understanding our needs during this phase, we can unlock the amazing things that lie ahead.

Week 2: "Mental Health and Brain Changes in Perimenopause: Building a Safety Net"
Did you know that anxiety and depression statistically increase during this phase of life? Hormonal shifts can affect our sense of self and mental well-being. Our brains, those incredible powerhouses, have hormone receptors within them. In this session, we'll delve into strategies for supporting our mental health during this transition, leaving you equipped with the superpower of self-compassion.

Week 3: "Strength Training: Building a Foundation through Change"
If there's one aspect that should be the cornerstone of your fitness journey, it's strength training. While adjustments are necessary, it remains an integral part of your routine. We'll explore how much to do, tendons' response, injury prevention, and management. Trust me, this session is an absolute favorite you won't want to miss.

Week 4: "Cardio Training for the Soul, Not Just for Skinny: Embracing a Paradigm Shift"
If you grew up in a culture that revolved around eating less, running, and low-fat diets, get ready for a paradigm shift. Our hearts need cardiovascular exercise, but we'll explore alternative modes that feed our souls and provide a sense of control. Additionally, we'll uncover any exercise practices that might exacerbate symptoms and lead to burnout.

Week 5: "Rest and Recovery: The Secret Sauce"
Your efforts in the gym won't yield results unless you master the art of rest and recovery. This session will guide you out of the gray zone of stagnation, allowing you to witness improvements in your training sessions and mental well-being. Get ready to unlock the power of proper rest and recovery.

Week 6: "Hormones in This House: Navigating Puberty and Perimenopause Together"
Puberty is a wild ride, and so is perimenopause. If you're a mother living under the same roof as your teenage daughter, both experiencing the recalibration of mind and body, this session is for you. We'll explore the science behind neuroanatomy and physiology, fostering compassion and understanding between mothers and daughters.

Together, we'll solve problems, plan and adjust, and embrace the huddle and community support culture as we navigate the intricacies of perimenopause. Get ready for an empowering journey of self-discovery and growth. Remember, we are capable of so much more than we think, especially when we prepare ourselves and face the future with an open heart.

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