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Saturday Evening Seasonal Sound Journey - Yule. The Midwinter Solstice

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 Saturday Evening Seasonal Sound Journey - Yule. The Midwinter Solstice.

5pm - 9pm.  Saturday 22nd June 2024.

You are invited to join us for an extraordinary evening.
An Evening Seasonal Sound Journey to Celebrate the Midwinter Solstice 

Traditionally known as Yule, the midwinter solstice honours the longest night and the shortest day of the year.

Yule is the still point and the turning point of the sun as he is reborn anew to begin his journey again toward the summer months.

 The colour is Cobalt Blue. The seasonal sound note is G and the focus is on the Throat.


*Warm and Spicy Winter Punch to enjoy on arrival.

*Seasonal Contemplation on the Crystal Deck with note of the season (weather permitting - or indoors).

*Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey with the magnificent Thunder Drum in the Drum Lounge.

*Sound Relaxation in the Sound Sanctuary- an epic journey across a beautiful soundscape with our magical Crystal Singing Bowls, Cosmic Gongs & more…

*Delicious homemade 2 course Seasonal Winter Fare with a Cleansing Theme, served to you in the dining room, of Ayurvedic Style Kitchari Soup served with home baked Anti-Inflammatory Detox Bread followed by Warm Winter Kapha Spiced Apple & Chia Pudding served with Coconut Cream & Maple Syrup. Finish with a Herbal Tea or a Beverage of your choice from our Mini Cafe Menu.
Please be certain to let us know of any Special Dietary Requirements on Booking so we can cater for you.


-Please arrive at least 15 mins before we are due to start so you can settle in. Make sure you allow yourself enough travelling time. If you are late, you will disturb the other participants once the session has begun. If you are late and need to enter after the session has begun, please do so quietly & respectfully. If you know you are going to be late or are unable to make it for any reason, please inform us! Waiting for an arrival keeps the other guests waiting. 

-It is important to Inform us of any Special Food Requirements on booking… eg. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan or Other. I can cater for you ONLY if you let me know when booking as I may not be able to produce alternatives without notice. Please note we cannot cater for life threatening conditions. 

-Please inform us of any health concerns you may have...especially any allergies or allergic reactions. We use essential oils among other products, and have no desire to exacerbate any conditions. Please be aware that the sound sessions can shift energies, and that may exacerbate physical or emotional issues, possibly increasing symptoms and/or pain & sometimes causing discomfort before bringing relief. However, this is certainly not always the case. If you have a pacemaker please check with your doctor before attending a session .If you are unsure of anything please discuss your concerns before attending. Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

-Please do not attend if you are ill in any way or have cold & flu symptoms.

-It is requested that you please refrain from wearing strong perfumes during the public sessions. 

-Please turn to silent or better still, turn off mobile phones on entry or leave in your car, to avoid disturbances throughout the session. 

-It is highly recommended that you check out our website for further details about Valinor before coming for the first time.

Thank you for your consideration.

About Valinor Sound Sanctuary...From the moment you enter the property, you can feel the calming, clean energy of Valinor. A sigh of can let go of your worries for a while and enjoy the here and now. 

Valinor is a hand made home. Featuring unique designs, as well as handmade features and handmade furniture from a variety of exotic as well as common timbers.

Enter the Garden Sound Sanctuary and experience the feeling of deep soul soothing sound relaxation - as your body is completely bathed in the full acoustic surround sounds of our Crystal Singing Bowls, Cosmic Gongs, the Crystal Lyre, Crystal Pyramids, Resonant Chimes & more. All you have to do is sit or lie back and relax. There is a range of lounge seating or comfortable floor mattresses to choose from...all with pillows, blanket or doona as needed. 

Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey is unique to Valinor Sound Sanctuary. As you relax back in the Drum Lounge, choose a card from our Aromatic Affirmations Card Deck and Gemstones Card Deck...receive a few drops of the corresponding essential oil & a matching gemstone to hold with you for the evening if desired. We ease into the dreaming with a Storm Soundscape featuring tinkling chimes, thunder tubes, rain sticks, hand held drum and the soothing ocean drum. Then we enter Thunder Drum Dreaming with the mighty Thunder Drum, rattles & voice...finishing with the delightful lighthearted tones of the steel tongue drum.

You are welcome to come a little bit earlier to independently and mindfully Walk the Valinor Land Art Project while you are may do this on arrival - But you Must check in with us first - or you can do this before you leave.
Step through the Moongates - slowly and mindfully navigate the Spiral Labyrinth and enter the Stone Circle. Exit through the second Moongate and make your way back. It's about a 400m walk on uneven ground, so you must take care. Not suitable for those with mobility issues.

Catering for a maximum of 14 guests, we offer outstanding hospitality - and all food is home-created here at Valinor. We supply absolutely everything that you need for your comfort and enjoyment during your time here. Meals are served in our lovely Dining Room. 

There are Regular Public Events or you can book a Private Session for yourself or a group. Excellent value for your exchange. 

Lovely onsite Country Cabin Accommodation for up to 4 guests available from spring 2024.

Visit our website for more about us.

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