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The Magic of Coming Together: Healing and Authentic Power

I invite you explore the magic that unfolds when souls unite in harmony, bringing forth healing, authentic power, and intuitive abilities.

Embracing the Power of Unity

At our gatherings, we discover the extraordinary potential within our collective consciousness. Each gathering is a testament that the more people come together, the more healing and spiritual power is available. Our synergy and energy creates a field of love and understanding, nurturing our souls and empowering our spirits.

Amplifying Your Innate Healing and Intuitive Abilities

Within the sacred circle of our Temple Green | Living Goddess gathering, we delve deep into the realm of archetypal and angelic forces. It’s here that our innate healing and intuitive abilities find their most authentic expression. Our collective intentions magnify our gifts, creating intuitive insights and healing energies that reverberate through our very being.

The Living Goddess Code: A Pathway to Spiritual Evolution

At the core of our magical experiences lies the Living Goddess Code, a sacred creation (book) designed to support your social and spiritual evolution. This divine code, crafted with love and intention by myself (Elizabeth Ellames), provides a pathway for your personal growth at your own pace, month after month, year after year. Through its guidance, you embark on a transformative journey, embracing the depths of your soul and stepping into your true potential.

The Alchemy of Multiplication

Our gatherings are not merely moments frozen in time; they are portals to the infinite. The code, carefully woven into the fabric of our shared experiences, multiplies the healing and intuitive energies with every soul present. This alchemical multiplication process expands our consciousness, allowing us to tap into the limitless reservoir of universal wisdom.

Experience the Magic for Yourself 

So, dear one, are invited to partake in this extraordinary journey of unity and transformation. The Living Goddess Code, a manifestation of divine beauty, love and wisdom, awaits your embrace. As you immerse yourself in the collective energies of our gatherings, you will witness the amplification of your healing abilities and intuitive powers, unveiling the depths of your soul’s beauty, love and wisdom. (The Living Goddess Code | Book) 

Let’s celebrate the magic that unfolds when kindred souls unite in love and purpose. Within the embrace of our Living Goddess community, healing knows no bounds and intuitive abilities soar to new heights. As we continue to come together, let us know that our collective power is infinite. 

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound, Elizabeth Ellames

Temple Green | Living Goddess Gatherings are held out in the open, in a beautiful environment, for the purpose of connecting to the powerful forces of nature. If you feel deep in your heart that this is something you would like to experience - These are the dates for 2023



1.  CHAIR to sit on and RUG UP in the cooler weather.

2.  FLASK of tea/coffee or WATER and FOOD for a shared LUNCH.

Open to 10 women each month



Dates: Sunday Morning

FEB 19th

March 26th

April 16th

May 21st

June 18th

July 16th

Aug 20th

Sep 17th

Oct 15th 

Nov 26th

Dec 10th

WHERE is it? 

The Rotunda is the where the gathering is held -

WE WILL BE AT LOCATION 4 - Best Parking is on Plane Tree Drive 

Map showing where we gather

 WHAT do I bring?

1.  CHAIR to sit on and RUG UP in the cooler weather.
2.  FLASK of tea/coffee or WATER and a SNACK for yourself.

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