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    Thrive ~ Rise above your Circumstances!

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    Learn to Thrive, Grow and matter where you are on your life journey.

    ThisΒ workshop is a 2 hour journey into discovering what you need to Thrive!
    When we think of thriving we might imagine someone always being healthy, always happy, always on the go reaching all their goals! Some kind of perfect Instagram highlight.

    However that is not possible nor reflected in our natural world - which we are a part of!

    In this workshop I will be inviting you to reframe society's concept of what it means to 'Thrive' as we look at our lives from a more cyclical, nature informed perspective - whilst using the tools of movement/dance, voice and Sound healing to help liberate and guide us on our next steps.

    Anyone who wishes to explore their innate capacity to heal andΒ empower themselves on a physical, emotional and spiritual level!

    -If you feel stuck in fear, regret, living in the past or held back by your circumstances

    -Interested in self-expression

    - Invested in reclaiming all parts of yourselfΒ 

    -On your healing journey and ready to have some fun!


    -Explore Dance and movement as a way to release stress, have fun and empower yourself;Β even if you think you have two left feet! No prior dance experience necessary - this is not a dance class but an invitation to re-connect with your body.

    -Learn to use your Voice to tap into it’s healing capacity -Β no you don’t need to be a β€˜singer’!

    -Relax with a powerful Sound Healing to ground and integrate your learnings -Β you might fall asleep it’s that relaxing!

    -This will be a fun, invigorating and informative workshop to help you explore the possibilities of thriving in every season of your life!

    -This will be a safe space to explore and release what has been holding you back.
    -Substance free, high on life!Β 

    Early bird - $49
    Full Prive - $65


    - Eat light before you attend
    - Wear loose comfortable clothing you can dance/move in with ease.
    -Bring aΒ yoga mat
    -Eye pillow/covering
    -Water bottle
    -Journal and pen to note any insights received
    -Crystals if you wish

    No refund policy / no door sales. Please note in the event that I have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances you will be refunded the full ticket amount, not including humantix fee.

    Not yet sure this is for you? Then please read on below for moreΒ and please contact me for any questionsΒ - I cannot wait to share this magikal evening with you!

    Love Anzjuli x


    Perhaps you can relate to the following:

    You feel like you're stagnating, that your life is a bit of aΒ murky pond andΒ you can't see your reflection anymore? (or you do see your reflection and it reminds you of a wee little swamp toad...?) Undead swamp monster? The Grinch?

    You know you've not always felt this way,Β but you seem to have lost a bit of your spark along the wayΒ and you're ready to go from burnt-out to balanced!Β 

    Perhaps you feel that your current circumstances are holding you back? You don't feel a straight jacket but by George you can't feel your arms or legsΒ moving in the right direction no matter what you try! (must be all theΒ poisoned darts!...Cue scene from Ace Venture: Pet Detective!)

    Maybe youΒ feel suppressed or stuck? Like you're wading through mud and it's sunk into your gumboots and it's all squishy between your toes and there might be leeches...

    Or maybe you're feeling pretty darn good, but there's a few things you want to tweak and you're keen to explore movement, voice and sound healing to help you do just that!

    Then this workshop is definitely for you!Β Join me as we discover together what youΒ need to Thrive despite your circumstances!

    Trust me I’ve been there:

    -Staying in abusive or less than what I deserve relationships (and staying in them for waaaay to long!)

    -Chronic health problems (couldn’t even walk around the block let alone dance!)

    -My brain NOT being my best friend (Cue PMDD* a severe pre-menstrual mental health challenge that kicks you when you're down 2 weeks out of every month)

    -Bank account running on gas fumes (stinky farts!)

    - Career going nowhere (flat on its face)

    - Dreams and aspirations died and daydreaming about selling my few possessions and wandering across the desert like an ol’ gypsy woman scrying the sand for stories of my lost life!

    Β Despite the setbacks, chronic health problems and challenges from every part of life, I chose to keep going and seek help! With the support of otherΒ coaches, healers, naturopaths, teachers and shamans - IΒ have learnt to get myself through tough situations - ANDΒ utilise the lessons from theseΒ difficulties in order to grow, expand, liberate and Thrive in my own way.

    And IΒ believe YOU CAN TOO!Β I'm not extra special or born lucky or something...I worked hard and invested in myself for many years, so that I could reclaim all parts of myself. Surrendering to what is and opening up to what I will become.

    And although our experiences may not be exactly alike, what we do have is the shared humanity of struggle and overcoming those struggles!Β You're powerful and I'm here to remind you of that power...and perhaps help guideΒ you out of some sludge you're stuck in!

    So Join me as we discover together through movement, voice and sound how YOU can thrive despite what’s been or what currently is.

    Learn to THRIVE despite your circumstances!

    About Me:Β Anzjuli (And how to say my weird name: Un-Jew-Lee)

    I struggled for years with debilitating physical and mental health challenges with very little self-care - whilst pursuing a career in acting and burnt out like a charcoaled piece of toast!

    Fast forward a few years later after discovering Spirituality, Sound Healing and Holistic health and doing lots of inner work- and my life now moves with more ease, more grace, more trust, more faith and lots more JOY! Despite the inevitable ups and downs - I am more grounded and able to move from a calmer more loving place. I know what I need to Thrive – and give that to myself everyday!

    And I want that for you too!

    If you're ready to release what isn't helping you anymore and become a more grateful, expressed and joyful version of yourself then I'm here to help make that happen!

    I cannot wait to share this magikal event with you!

    Love Anzjuli x

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